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First entry for 2006!


Christmas and New Year has come and gone. Over this period of festive times managed to meet up with a lot of friends. Nowadays its raining non-stop cats and dogs. On one hand it's cosy and great to sleep in my bed but on another hand it's hard to be outside while raining!

While driving along Eunos outside Comfort Driving centre one evening while rushing home in the exceptionally heavy rain, I almost bumped a foreign worker down. He was wearing dark clothes and using something to shield his face. Due to the rain, I slowed down already. All of a sudden around 10-15 metres out my headlights shone upon him STROLLING in the 4 lane road! Right in the centre of the car, I immediately braked and horned him but he didn't react and continued sashaying in the heavy rain. Missed him by a metre or two as he jaywalked across. With this kind of attitude, I should have knocked him down. :p

Today is another public holiday. Staying at home is just great till my mom comes home and starts questioning me on my activities outside as well as the computer business. I'm so farking sick of it. Once the stocks have been cleared I'm just gonna kiss it goodbye.

Battlestar Galactica has restarted in the US and I download the episode that my 2nd n 4th brother has nagged me to find ever since the last episode of the previous season ended with "To Be Continued". This show is just so awesome! Cyber-galactic war between humans and cylons who are essentially robots but some of them actually evolved into human-like clones so it's even more harder to tell the difference between friend or foe as they infiltrate the human society. Rock on!!

Maybe going down MOS on Wed with a few friends. Haven't stepped there since its opening night. Tales of queues and such as kinda made me rethink about going there. Saw in the news that the ang mor manager from MOS got fired after customers complained their dissatisfaction about the queues. I think he purposely made the crowd queue even though it was not really packed inside. If it was so packed that people had to queue, he wouldn't have got fired for that right? I do not believe in queuing for entry to a club. I come out to have a good time, not to sweat out in the roads. Heheh. I will cut queue if that happens. :p

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