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Day of misfortunes


Yesterday, Thai rebels of Pattani United Liberation Organisation (Pulo) issued a warning to people to stay away from Phuket, BangKok and Krabi on their website. They advised the public and tourists to stay away from nightclubs, music cafes, pubs, bars, airports, etc.

'Be informed that the coming operations are targeting Thai policemen and soldiers only. The operations will be performed by Pattani liberation movements that are not under our control,' it said in a poorly-worded English-language statement.

Their targets are military and police forces who were responsible for Monday's 'massacre' of 87 Muslim protestors.

Want my opinion? You guys need to study more and stop acting like dumb fucks. If your English sucks, don't even try to gain global recognition by posting on a website. If you really want, post it in your 'proficient' language. Secondly, you practice double agenda. You say you target military and police forces, yet you are aiming tourist areas. I guess your military and police forces have lots of time to have fun eh? You should be hitting military installations and police stations right? Obviously you guys have both lack of brains and probably lack of brawns as well. Bombing those targets you mentioned will garner more innocent victims than your intended 'targets'. Hope some of your family and loves ones get their bits splattered all over your guilty guts or rather the lack of it. If your real agenda is hitting the tourism industry, you should breed more bird-flu infected chickens and try to crossover the virus into the human body. That'll garner my respect.

All this happening just before my Monday trip. If I don't go, that's like over $300 down the drain. Lost $300 on soccer few weeks back. OMG. I decide to take the plunge and go ahead. Will be monitoring the 'situation'.

My Nike design but colour is different

Another thing I noticed is that my pair of Nike Air Max 95 is missing!! Just saw it outside the door yesterday. I'm gonna be so screwed. Lim pei sibei hot liao, NNBCB.

Everyone is saying I'm responsible for the chinese cutie girl Huang Na's disappearance that is the hots recently. "Ah Hao kidnap girl. You lor Ah Hao." Very funny guys very funny...

Last update: 83 contestants left in Subaru's "Win a WRX 2005 Challenge". Rock on guys!

Ladder 49


Went to watch this show about firemen on Friday. Quite an ok show by my standards. It was quite emotional and hilarious at the same time as it showed flashbacks of memories which went on a fireman's mind as he laid trapped in a blazing inferno building. Some of the scenes were super funny yet familiar. I served as a firefighter during my NS life so some of the things that happened had a nostalgic feel giving me a sense of 'dejavu'. Like my first fire fighting at Changi Prison which was so exciting and scary. Stupid antics that goes on in the dorms. Friendships. 'Tekaning'. Awakened up by the fire alarm in the middle of the night for firecall. Sliding down those wicked sliding poles. The eerie sound of breathing from an oxygen tank. Hanging off a building on a single rope. Wah kaoz, starting to miss those times already.

Changi Fire Station

Today is a Saturday. Supposed to change Thai Baht for my Phuket trip on this Monday. Turns out that my parents got Thai baht. Guess I don't have to go change money today. Have to go down to the cafe to help out later on.

Fernvale Cafe

Another of my family's food bizness. I'm here helping out today because my parents 'wanna rest' for their singing performance this Sunday at Victoria Concert Hall. WTF man.. Anyway, the cafe's doing better than Pastry Valley. It's cosy, great food, our home sound system was moved to here(to help out with the 'atmosphere') and nice babes always walk in. *hehz*

Gotta go get changed and go down now. On a Saturday. Sian. What can be worse?

The first time


Ok, I'm a little slow on the blogging bandwagon. Why? This is because I always thought of blogging as 'bo liao' or 'waste of time' in simple english. "Why the change of mind?" you'll think? You'll know later at the end.

Well, for starters, I have very bad memory. Or rather the lack of simple initiative to remember. Which can be good or bad depending on how I look at it.

Bad - because I can forget instructions or things that people tell me right about .. let's say.. 3 minutes. Yes, it's that fast. Even I'm surprised.

Pastry Valley

Let's state an example. For instance, right now I'm helping out my family in the mornings(when I say morning, i mean waking up at frigging 6am), sending bread to our own breadshop Pastry Valley located in Punggol. Freaking unglamourous job but no one sees me at 6am-8am so i don't mind. I can dress a million bucks after that.

I help load the bread and then I pushed it into the shop. Our employee, a pleasant looking auntie whom I call XiaoLing cooed to me, "Hey, please remember to take the yesterday's bread out. "

"Ok!" Then I unload the bread, do some stuff and I walked right out back into my vehicle. Sound of running footsteps. "Oii!!! The bread!!!" Opppps! It's surprising how fast I forget.

How can bad memory be good? How can it be GOOD for you as a friend?

Well if you owe me money, I rarely remember to ask it back unless it is above a hundred buck'er'oo'nees because that amount can be used to donate to my favourite nitespot of the week. Or if we are keeping track of who's losing points during a game of snooker,you can try 'smoking' a winning score at me to my disadvantage if I happen to be leading. If you're lucky, you'll be treated to a sea of stinkin' vulgarities spewing out my mouth in 4 different languages, declaring the correct score plus the previous 5 score moves at which I arrived at the score. Must be the Brand's Essence of Chicken I had before the game.

But actually I realised this blogspot can be my diary of certain interesting good and bad stuff I wish to remember and share. (certain mature ideas/thoughts/experiences/scenes may be deemed offensive and funny to the immature/pre-puberty/conservative/pro-Bush visitors)

As a friend/visitor/good for nothing/secret admirer, you can be entertained by reviews, pictures of hunks and babes(if you're good boi/gal today) and current affairs dished out by me personally. This is especially good for the ladies because some of the ones I know of, know nuts about what's happening in the world or even Singapore to the extent. In a word of fairness, they are especially good at memory though. "But you promised to go to the chocolate buffet together!!!" "Where got? I got say meh?" "Dare to say don't have? You have such bad memory."

Welcome to my world.

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