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Complicated Heart


Your actions are wierd and incomprehensible. I can't seem to figure out what makes you tick. One moment you're here and the other you're leaving? Just at the part when I thought you were mirroring my body language, you won't stay ??? Are you Cinderella rushing off before the clock hits 12 midnight?

I guess some people around me figured out that I'm probably into you. But then again, I have my doubts as well at times. They don't probe into my affairs but I do sense that they know something is indeed amiss. They probably do not wish to ask me about this sensitive subject. Probably hanging on and waiting to see what happens next. Waiting to see my next move. Maybe taking sides on whether we'll be together or not. Waiting when I'll be pissed off by your Cinderella moments. I'm not good at masking certain things I guess. I hope that even though something good out of this may not appear, at least things do not get complicated between us.

I'm not the type to do the chase. I tend to let things come to me. However I feel if I am not to do something about it, nothing can achieved! I tend to be agressive in other areas though. Should I be more pro-active towards you instead? Something is holding me back. What can it be?

Life's already pretty congested enough as it is. Heading group meetings for SIM, handling implementation of a major software deal for a company (gonna earn big time!), drafting final solutions for Innuzen, handling people at CitiBank. Seems like some big shot but probably just a waste of my time and efforts in the end. As a result, I try to cut you out of the picture to concentrate but each time you're back you tend to come back into my life and I can't focus! Haven't had one of these kind of heart-tingling feeling in ages. Please do me a favour, reject me when I ask you the question and let me move on. Otherwise, life's a bitch!

Citibank Group Photo


Glad to be part of the Citibank team in year 2005

Today our manager Nick went round the office distributing this photo. It was taken on Chinese New Year eve. He is moving on to another bank already. My time with him was not very long but so far he's been great. The girls in the office are all lamenting the fact that he is leaving and wonder what will happen after his last day on this Friday.

Over at SIM, another two groups gave their presentations for subject Business Communication. The quality of the presentation is getting higher and higher. The speakers are more knowledgable about their topics and they're pretty articulate now. Their powerpoint slides are also quite solid. However, somehow I feel they are overly trying to impress the lecturer. Ugh. My group is about to choke soon two weeks from now. Argh, I must do my best not to let the group down. But well, I'm not doing the presentation this time. Haha. Although I gave presentations in poly and during tours of my fire station, this time I'm just gonna take the back seat as I'm so shagged from so many things. Leslie will probably take over and get shot down over Vietnam SIM. :P

Burning baby burn


The weather has been like crap lately. November and December were very wet and cold months. However, nowadays it's hot as hell. Literally burning! This year we have over 300 bush fires and my ex-fire station colleagues are having a hard time! Why? Look below.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
One of the bush fires at Tampines. The last time I attended one of these at night, we couldn't see shit ahead of us as the location of the fire were like 1km into the bushes. No water to fight the fire with. And the fire spanned a few football fields. This one in the picture considered.... kachang puteh already.. Haha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
One of them burning in the daytime. Real bad. Keep your perfumes at home ladies.... The smell of fire rocks!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
My favourite red rhino. From the code, this one's stationed at Pasir Ris. I don't think I have rode in any open air transport apart from this already. Handles great in off-roads!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Opss, did I spot any friends inside?

This dry spell is going to continue for quite a while. In the meantime, drink lots of water and stay indoors!



Phew, this week sure was happening. Worked and studied from Wed till Fri non-stop consecutively and partied at Velvet with a friend and her friends. Managed to wake up and work half-day Sat followed by project meeting till evening. Met my friend then to go supper at East Coast before we joined another couple at 85!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Late for work on a Saturday. Surprisingly no one had access as their cards do not work on Saturdays and no one was in the office at all!!! All of us didn't gave a f about image and just lazed outside Citibank until an admin gal came very much much later...

Although tired and haggard, I feel that my life is spent meaningfully instead of lazing around! Not gonna question the age-old saying of "what is the meaning of life?" Just go "living this life to the max." Better than slacking it away man.. And looking back to find out there's nothing worth mentioning about. I probably had mentioned this in the past but this is what I preach to myself now and then. Heh heh.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
How shag? Look at the eyebags. Might be the effect of the lousy phone cam anyway. Gal beside is called Agnes - one of the many girls that i work with. She's one of the rare ones that I feel comfortable with working inside.

My heart is damn aching now because for financial year 2005, I had lost close to $200 on CNY gambling and $150 for speeding. Who will come and heal it? When will that be? No hurry but that special one is still elusive. Right now I just wish to establish a stable career and a extensive network of friends to balance de lifestyle.

Good times and bad times on D-Day


I can't sleep tonight. Think it's due to the supper I had with someone earlier on. Actually just wanted to know the person better, heard she was attached but anyway she lives near me so I just msged her if she wanted to go for supper. Surprisely she obliged! :) Another surprise is that she is single supposely coz I asked if it was her bf when she had a call but she told me that they're no longer together. Hmm! Seriously speaking I'm like 24 this year and people around me are mostly attached. I'm no longer like to socialise that often given the schedule and sheer workload from work and studies. Why do I end up like that!?!?! A month back I was probably the ah xia kia of the family.. Things change real fast...

Workday starts in a few hours from now. Blardy hell, still gotta go SIM after that. Probably will reach home at 1130pm. Grrrrrrrrrrr. Nick left today. Didn't make it in time to send him off. Not say totally my fault or my friend's fault so I try not to say anything. Eventually he blamed me first so I guess he's still narrow minded afterall. We keep on having quarrels about this and that. Although I don't take things too hard, I'm pretty much had enough already. At the risk of being sounding cocky, it's not that I have lack of friends anyway, I've pretty much lucky that I have made some good friends who were there for me when I needed them. Some of them don't hang out with me simply coz he is around. :X In fact, it's hard to find someone who never had issues with him before! Geez... Why lim pei still tolerating him?

Cock Cock Keh


This year is a blooooooorddddy unlucky year for gambling and anything that is associated with relation to money matters! Be it billiard, blackjack, mahjong, etc, if it involves money i'm sure to be the one who is coming out with it! The only way to handle it is to say to myself "Small money need to go out in order for big money to come in." Heh, that helps. Anyway, I'm a pretty low maintenance person. Enough for food, entertainment and occasional treats would be enough for me. :)

This is the year of the Rooster. I was born in the year of the Rooster so I initially thought that this is my YEAR! Ha ha ha! Time to conquer all those that stood in my way. Alas, I was enlightened by some friends that this is a "Fan Tai Sui". I think it meant unlucky age or something. Anyway, it means NO GOOD. Various friends around me visited temples and obtained lucky charms believed to chase away their bad luck. Me being a free thinker, feel that visiting a temple when I'm a non-believer is kind of hypocritical so I try to do good things whenever possible, helping out others in need. Alas, I always fail to find a damsel in distress whom I can save from the dragon's mouth.

Anyway, this month a couple of long time friends are leaving me once again to pursue their studies in Australia. Namely Nick, Yang, Huijing and Zhen Hao. I wish them the best of luck in their paperchase.


Another week has passed


Good o' blog, how art thou?

Today is again one of the days whereby home is the sweetest place to be. Work and pursuit of the papers is taking its toll on me and I can't do anything about it.. A wave of helplessness over this matter came over me and i'm damn pissed about it!!! Workplace - Millenia Tower, School - SIM Namly Ave. Home? East Coast!!!!! Can't drive because cost for parking whole day inside Suntec... Let's just say I may as well don't work la...

And how long is this gonna last? It's probably gonna last as long as I stay in the job as the part-time paper chasing thingie is 2 1/2 years and hell no am i gonna work there forever. The people there asked me "You wanna stay in this job for how long? " with a tone that emulates one who says "You think that gal pretty meh" when the gal obviously is .. ahem. Well, i replied I just started and it's too early to tell but actually in my mind I'm pretty sure it won't be long. This job can give me some experience with what I'm learning as the course is quite relevent. ANYWAY BETTER THAN JOBLESS LA!

All is quiet in the relationship front still. Yes, Valentine's Day is coming. I gushed in horror when advertisements glorifying V-Day was shown on TV on the only day I can rest at home. It's coming?!?! It's not that I hate Valentine's but how to be happy about it when you are SINGLE!? The worst part is that there is no one I fancy right now, if there is.. At least can do something about it right? After all, it's V-Day and it's supposed to be the time you express your whatever to the person huh? And screw all those columns with topics like "How to enjoy a happy Single's V-day".. A load of rubbish I say! heheh. Anyway, nothing wrong with being single. Just that this day is simply ... distracting to say the least. :)

I saw the advertisements by CitiGems for the first time on bus number 14 with loads of pretty office ladies today. I actually enjoyed watching Fiona and Joanne Peh acting like lesbos in the advert, in fact I was HOOKED to it! Haha, male fantasy huh? Whatever lah you suckers wanna say.... The combination of these two rising famesters with the irresistable theme song and the style in which the advert was filmed was WELL DONE. Congratulations aside, can I now hug the both of them?????????????????????????????????????? By the way, I know what's Fiona basic annual pay. Along with Wong Li Ling's and others. A colleague dug out their info from the system. Ho say, can go and stalk them already. [o-O]\/

Will something good happen tomorrow?

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