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Why make things so complicated? Sigh!

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I'm so blardy pissed off with the IT deal that I was handling out of goodwill. Over this period of time, it took me at least 4-6 trips down to the company to service their server network and hardware.

My cousin James took up the offer of reinstalling their server network and in the end got implicated in their pickiness as well. Whenever their server network is down, I get bombed with their calls and sometimes I have to be there immediately coz they can't do their work when the server is down. It's a small size company so they don't have the budget to employ an IT staff.

I made nothing from it yet I had to go down to their new office so many times and do this and do that. For what? Fuck. Each time I'm down, they will take the opportunity to ask me do this and that. Waste my blardy time which can be spent on closing deals which is worth frankly to be honest - more worthwhile.

For example, I helped a family-run business to sell off their business after 3 months! I did it while others couldn't. In the process, I helped the old tenant get some money for retirement, helped the new tenant with arrangements and solved the leasing executive's problems. I charged full commission from all 3 parties. Nobody bargained at all because of the amount of negotiation discussions I had to do. All parties involved in this became friends with me and we chatted beyond official stuff each time! Well, the only thing was that they demanded that I buy durians after we finalise the takeover sometime later this month to celebrate. Haha. This is what I call job satisfaction. And they want me to handle their property matters after this - referrals. Cool yah?!

Compare this with the IT shit I've been losing appetite over. Why should I put myself in this position? Especially since I'm now doing property full time and I have to study my SIM course 3 times a week.

Tomorrow I gotta ask them to look for someone who is really into IT servicing. It would be fair to both me and them I feel. I can't neglect my full time job (ok it's flexible hours but it's demanding as well) and they can't afford to have down-time. It would be in everyone's interest that I shall not handle their servicing issues anymore. I can't please everybody. But the least I could do was do something true and fair to myself.

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