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Christmas is coming


It's been a tiring week. Think I spent too much time on BF2. The initial temptation led me to lead a couple of late nights even on weekdays!! Result? A straight dip in my sales and an MC! Haha.. Fuck. I'm turn 25 in a couple of months and I'm still hooked on games? Shame on me. I must reverse this trend.

Anyway, glad that I managed still get some things done. I bought gifts for everyone in my department today. Nothing fancy but I hope it made their day. My two 'wives' seemed quite happy with theirs. ;p 'Daughter' liked hers too. :)

Orchard Road and Bugis are a bitch to navigate during this year end season. MRTs are so crowded yet the intervals are so long. One time the MRT was stuck there for quite sometime, but eventually left WITH THE STATION DOORS OPENED. This only proves one thing.. Too much people to handle already, we need a new Orchard Road. *Grinz* Waited one hour for our cab booking on the way home today. End up tio tua.. I book another one, came within 10mins. Haiz!!! Super jam pack at Orchard today.. Everyone's shopping. Economy not bad huh? Heh heh!

I'll be spending time with her on Christmas eve. Probably means we'll usher Christmas in together. It's not so much of Christmas that I'm happy about.. It's the fact it is with her bah. Just hope we can both pass Christmas happily together can liao. Will it be possible?

New Toy and Ministry of Sound


Couple of things over the past week.. :)

Let me see which shall be the first priority. Alright I guess this one should have priority. One fine day during work while quietly doing my work, a sudden urge to upgrade my computer came along. I immediately opened up a couple of windows to do some research and stuff. After work, I just headed down to Sim Lim Square. Looked for my old friend who was still working there after all this years. Chatted up with him and the rest of the old folks who were there. In fact, I've got friends on every level! Mingled around and checked out the various hardwares available. Finally got myself...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Yay! A Gainward 6600GT 128MB DDR3 AGP card! Just realised that the trend is heading towards a new kind of platform, PCI-Express. Geez, it's moving too fast that even a geek like me is having trouble following it. Anyway, got a fantastic deal. It was selling like 20-30 dollars off a cheaper brand and a friend was like even "I can't give u a discount for this one as we're clearing stock" I was like no problem man.. Didn't even wanted one anyway, it was a steal at that price! Man I missed hanging out at Sim Lim tinkering with hardwares and stuff. And I'm not even going into my 2nd purchase which was BF2 and the late night gamings.. heh heh.

Ministry of Sound opened on Friday. Woot. Before I reached there which was like 9pm I receieved a call that there are like over 100-200 people there queuing already. Eric was a good sport to come down and fetch us down there. Before we reached the place we saw 2 live horses and cowboys there for an event! How often do you even see a live horse? The horses looked real groomed and nice with their horseshoes clicking the floor each time they moved. (don't get your feet under theirs ladies..)

As expected, I saw this huge crowd there.. Patrick got special invites and I managed to reach him just in time to get it for me and my friends. There was this invite that Jason gave me... Couldn't be used though they said later it could. Hmmm. Anyway, saw this small opening, just walked in.. Lucky me.. Happy queuing folks.. :P

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Okay, I think MOS is great. It has various rooms, freaking huge, wonderful sound systems and a great beautiful crowd. But it's just the opening.. We'll see. Met up with 469ners for a short while but kind of awkward there so I went back to my other table.. Maybe I was tired out to mingle wif them.. Sighz. Bumped into many many more frens over there.. Made friends with a ang mor guy who was here alone and we chatted about lotsa stuffs.. Maybe next time we'll go clubbing together.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It seems like a quiet December month. Hmm... Cloudy and dizzling. Just like my mood. Haiz!

End of my eye-sight?


I'm having problems making out the time from the clock on the wall in my office around 10-15 metres away. A quick check with my fellow colleague confirms this. Sometimes I need to squint at things from a distance and I can't seem to focus at people properly. What is happening?!? Could this be the end of my perfect eye-sight dynasty?

I think I'm just too tired from facing the screen. I need a break. :(

Christmas beckons, ushering in the end of the year


I realised that this blog is beginning to be read by more and more people. Initially people telling me things like "you this and that - i read it from your blog" felt kind of cool. All of us demand attention, be it us an introvert or extrovert. Extroverts will always want attention, introverts secretly crave attention. It's a human thing. After all, what's the meaning of our existence if no one pays attention to us?

However, some things are not meant to go beyond just me and the reader. But it does and often more than not it is not in a positive light or at least this is what I feel. Hence I'm beginning to feel more and more restricted from what I wanna type down.

I think i wanna go attend some property talks soon, guess I need to get my ass moving to register for the seminars. And it's probably not going to be just one.. Hafta attend seminars by each company like PropNex, ERA, etc. Probably undergo some training stuff, courses, certification..

I just buang my Health Insurance a few days back. Damn unhappy about it. Now subsequent exams on the same topic will not be subsidised by the bank. This paper is incredibly boring. I hate insurance and still ask me study this one. Pengz.

Things to do include paying school fees, some additional planning for some other issues. Boring boring boring. I feel kind of unhappy over the past few days. I don't have to feel this way though. :/ I hope I can solve one problem a day. A year has 365 days. I don't think I have so problems to solve bah! If I can solve one problem a day, optimistically speaking I shall only need less than a month! Woah!!! Ya easier than said huh.

I wanna draft out my Christmas wish list but it will lead me to a conclusion. I'll be so happily stating the things that I want. But end of the list you'll realise that you will never get everything you want in life. Even if u did, you won't be satisfied still. Life's a bitch and it will be.

Cheers to unlimited wants, short bursts of happiness and laughter!

Somebody kill me please..


As usual, play and pause and let it cache fully before playing. :)

Once you play, should click pause and let it cache fully before playing it again for maximum enjoyment!

Video Conferencing!


Now and then my brother and my sister-in-law living opposite block from us will occasionally do a webcam chat over the Net. With the increased bandwidth from StarHub for uploading, now images are more fluid!

Usually I will do the typing as I don't have a microphone. So Hwei would talk and I would reply to him by typing. (Ya damn kuku) Anyway, today Hwei and Janice are both eager to webcam and grandma heard his voice while sitting in the living room so what we did? Of course all of us squeezed to play webchat. The new video conferencing feature of MSN can now full screen! Damn cool.

Grandma kept replying to Hwei despite the fact I keep reminding her that our side don't have a microphone. An idea stuck me! I decide to use my venerable Motorola V3 to speakerphone-chat! How cool is that? But I'll still buy my microphone later on la!!

Below are some pictures of the 'event'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
A new family! Hwei, Janice and Ryan

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Wah lau, Ryan looks damn big up close... Nevertheless very cute.. Look at those super big pupils!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Powered by MSN, displayed by AOC 19" LCD, heard and spoken on a Motorola V3 and occurred on a boring Sunday. :D

A normal day at work.


My bank's system seems to be undergoing maintenance today. I can't do work at all, good in a way that I can get to surf net(which I'm already sick of) and slack around.

Anyway, what's going on tonight? Apparently my bank is having an event at Rouge tonight, so most of us are going there! For the lucky draw of course as I heard they are giving out IPODs and stuff(I hope I finally can win something for once.. At a company event, just priceless... fingers crossed). And of course they have free flow. That doesn't mean I'm going to drink like mad over there. Just that it means I don't have to spend $$$$ on drinks. Good. Very good. Probably not staying long. Oh well, see how it goes bah.

I'm getting some directions finally as the year approaches to an end. I'm proceeding to my 3rd semester at SIM next year, probably wrapping up my computer bizness as I feel that a lot more $$$ and effort has to be pumped in for me to get something out of it - something that i feel i no longer have zest for. I hope to still do freelance computer assembly for customers though. There's just something about going to Sim Lim Square and selecting parts afterwhich I go home and assemble that I enjoy. It's like getting paid for playing wif computers. :P

As for my career, probably moving forward with my plan B. What is plan B? It's a plan that you execute when plan A doesn't work. Haha!!! I have to start preparing for my Plan B by start of next year already so that I am in the advantageous position to start when I embark on it. I hope this gamble will pay off. I really do and I will do whatever it takes to succeed. Some most probably think I can't make it - that I'm sure. I must work super hard in order to make this life of mine a fulfilling and successful one. Nothing is more important.

Sian, the system is still down. Shit man. I'm so bored.

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