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A Day at Work


Work ended early today at 5:45pm. Open-forum with the top brass of HSBC Call Centre at 6pm. Touched on topics like migration of job functions to Malaysia side. Apparently some will be reassigned new job options. Likely that some will be unable to adapt to new work functions and leave. Also touched on job advancements. Glad to know he is willing to help those who are serious about their jobs.

However, our team staff strength will still be growing. Means migration doesn't involve this team - that's how important we are? Cocky huh? Who cares! Apparently I'll get to bring my Dell 17" LCD to whichever office I move to later on. Wahahaaha.. It's my property already! Ho say liao la.

Forum ended. Went off early downstairs to grab some fresh air. Gals came along.

"Let's go BodyShop!"

"Do what?"

"Buy stuffs."

"Dun wan la.."

"Come on!!!" and drags.


Inside Bodyshop and extremely bored. Went walking elsewhere and went back 15 mins later. Still buying. ZzzzZZzzz.... Hangs around.

"Wow, didn't know you're the type that accompany girls to buy things."




Hwei's Birthday (According to Chinese Calender - Grandma)

My F-16 flight simulator. The joystick costs $429 initially. It is modelled exactly like the real thing, down to the cold aluminium finish. Apparently the simulator is as real as it gets according to pilot reviews. Sold it off to a real pilot while I was in NS. Now it's selling over $500!!!

Citibankers/HSCBers - Dynamic, quick to adapt, ready to challenge competition anytime.


I moved into a nice bigger office on Monday. Apparently alot of bigwigs are situated here so my team must take care not to get into trouble with them. But I love my new corner.. Apparently I have a kick-ass Dell system with 17" LCD (Everyone elses are just fat CRT mamas). My fax machine and copier situated right behind me and i have a workstation just on my right. Very condusive for working. Yippie.

Scandals running amok all over HSBC. Even I was not spared. But it was just a movie(and it was Star Wars!!!!!) and I had free tix. Sigh. I hope I'll survive this episode or else things gonna be wierd between us. I sense tension each time we talk. Argh.

Papercuts. Freaking painful. They're just small cuts yet the pain they inflict is so much more. Amazing how a piece of paper can hurt you. Just like people. Never underestimate their potential to bring you down. You know what's worse than papercuts? Your favourite finger having a paper cut trying to eat crabs..

When it was my birthday, Ahma suggested a birthday cake.. I waved it off, saying I'm so old already.. Would be funny to have a cake for my birthday. Guess wat? She got one for my lao da AhHwei today!!! Damn funny. Got 3 big and 1 small candles.. LoL.

My colleague Gladys took this and sent this to me. For the uninitiated, Raoul is the name that HSBCers are calling me. Apparently my old-fashioned chinese name is always misprounced hence the name came about.



As it was my birthday on Wednesday, I took the opportunity to organise a BBQ with my family and my colleagues who were nice enough to buy me presents despite the fact we have only been together for a few months.

My maid,grandma and 2nd bro, khang, were also very helpful, handled alot of the things so that I could concentrate more on taking care of the people who attended. They made it all happen! General comments are that the food was good and I don't look like my brothers.. TMD. The gals commented that Misako (Khang's gf) was very elegent and beautiful. Khang should be flying in the clouds if he sees this.. pun intended.. since his gf literally flies among the clouds every week..

Somehow along the BBQ I got stranded in the middle of nowhere, 4 of my colleagues played mahjong which I barely understood and the rest of the bunch of gals were talking about really girlie stuffs which I don't think are appropriate for me to hear. Argh!! But well, hope they had a good time.

I am so dogged out not by the BBQ but because I went clubbing at Onyx the night before. Then had to wake up early in the morning to go buy food for the BBQ then go cafe help out for a while. Shucks.. And it's Zouking on Sunday night with team 469ners with several friends' birthdays as well!! Going to be so panda eyed...

Presents so far:

Long sleeved shirt from the ex-Citibankers.
Short sleeve shirt from new HSBC colleagues
Silver Cufflinks from Darnie.
Wallet from Hwei.

Really appreciate it man!

What's in a name?


That's what my colleagues are calling me now. Although it sounds exotic, hunky, stylish.. On me it is sooooo .. I don't know.

Apart from that, customers are looking for me by the name of Rinao(Renault?!), RenHao, Rao. They even got nicknames for me already. Argh. Should I get myself an English name? Maybe I should. Even my name in the computer system is spelt Ri Hao Lim. Why they separate it I do not know. Grrrr.

I'm hoping to work overtime on a constant basis now. Hopefully some will also O.T together with me, at least it won't be so lonely and quiet in the office. O.T = More money, more sales, dedication to what I do. At most spend less time in front of the computer at home, etc. Have to forgo dinner with family at home though.

By the way, today is my 24th birthday ; 18-05-1981. Finally completed two revolutions of the lunar calender. Hehz. Glad some people still remembered and even called me at the tick of midnight. Very touched and I really appreciate it alot. Little things like this makes me feel warmth and comfort in this materialistic world.

Hope on my birthday something special will happen. I've made a wish. Hope it'll come true. :)

Telecommunication Breakdown


I found it wierd that I haven't received any SMS since Saturday evening. I tried to send a SMS to myself but it never came. I checked my hp's outbox and to my horror alot of smses never got delivered. This phone oso cock, sms never send out at least let me know what. Switched the hp on and off, tried sending one sms and 5 came in. From YESTERDAY 6PM onwards. The one i send to myself still haven't come in. Blah. Did the routine again. Another few came in. WTF!??!?!!

Now seems to be working fine but I'm skeptical of SMSes. What if I sms a gal I was too shy to talk to and she never replied? Was it because she was not interested in me or because she didn't receive it? What if I smsed someone to say I had to cancel the appointment?

Nowadays I always call directly.. Rarely SMS. No wonder hp bills getting more and more expensive. Damn.

Situation Awareness Alert


Started my Saturday morning working today. I was feeling quite refreshed in the morning, despite the fact that I clubbed at ChinaBlack the night before till 230pm. Basically I never liked ChinaBlack because the crowd really cannot make it. Anyway was on the guest list so didn't have to pay so why not? Anyway, the lethargic'ness started to kick in around 12pm and I started to feel extremely stoned. Did just an hour of OT.

Started to dislike some people at work already. Backstabbers. People who add salt and pepper. People who make a big fuss out of something miniscule. Those who make assumptions. Those who 'gong my lan jiao wei'. I decide to stop being a nice guy. I'm getting more product securements, bigger amounts - making full use of the available methods to enhance services and securing transactions. I shouldn't be letting office politics and bullshit to affect my work performance. I don't need to care about what others think. I don't need people to like me. At the end of the day, I just want to hit my targets and maintain my route towards financial stabilitity.

Anyway, my Coke reduction programme is proceeding fine. Drinking less of it at work and outside. Replacing it with more lemon teas, vodkas, beers and whiskeys. Lol. Decide to ban myself from drinking it at home - either iced-milo or plain water. Hope to see results soon.

Onyx, Cosmetics, Coke


Saturday's outing to Onyx basically... SUCKED. Didn't really liked Centro much last time, now Onyx affirmed the fact the location and construction of the club elementarily sucked. Period. Crappy chairs, big lounge chairs with RESERVED all over the tables. ZZZ. Anyway, the rest of the peeps all writing about it so I'll end here. Hehz.

Today I was quite happy. Kept receiving faxes from my colleagues which customers sent in to me.. Few days back I received my first transaction. Today, each of them was easily over 3 times the previous amount. Shiok ah.. Still a far cry from my target but I believe hard work is the answer. Though I'm taking a break from my part-time studies as the exams just finished, the bank is gonna sponser a couple of financial certification papers. Heard there are around 4 or more papers in all. Gonna suck thumb when my SIM studies resume. It's gonna be hell trying to cope with everything.

Did a mistake of agreeing to accompany two colleagues to Orchard later on. They were like all over Orchard's make-up counters and I was left wondering why did I agree to tag along in the first place? Luckily we could click during conversations but I was left baffled at how much cosmetics costs. A box of make-up powder costs $78!!!! The powder reminds me of art lessons I used to have in primary school years.. Hahahaa... Later still wanted to disturb me by suggesting to go buy 'nei zai mei' which meant 'inner beauty' a.k.a lingerie. @#%%@# .... Luckily a phone call saved my day but that call brought me alot of trouble. Zzz.

I got scolded by one of them because she said I always drink Coke. I've always been addicted to Coke. I lurrrvveee Coke. If I die of an illness one day, I reckon that it's probably due to Coke intoxication. Alright, I shall attempt to skip Coke for one day. Let's see how it goes.

Temasek Club


Went down to Temasek Club to support my friend today.. They were organising an event for the club so they invited me and august down. They were pretty short handed, so I helped out in the games section.. Quite fun and happening.

Well, there were lots of guys there... It was a Navy event, but...... there were 4-5 hot babes whom they employed to 'please' the guests... Usually dancers are like out of bounds but they were different. They invited all the guests to dance at the dance floor, doing all sorts of sexy stuffs.. One of them tried to even feel me up *think i dunno..* .. Well, she's cute.. But not my type.. :P One of them did a lap dance for one captain, almost took his clothes off and... the rest is censored la.

Whole event was quite a success... Due to the hot babes of course.. I have to hand it to them.. Girls can make or break the success of a nightspot. Clap clap. Girls in dancefloor, the wolves came. They left, so did the wolves. Instantly.

Heard my friend was donning a $3000 Hugo Boss suit.. Cool! Well, at least he can use it everytime he does a gig.. I wonder when to wear a suit costing that much... I dun make millions... At least for him there are returns on investment. If I were to buy it, all i'm gonna get is depreciation.. haaha..

Anyway, there's this new club Onyx opening at ex-Centro tomorrow. Probably checking it out with team 469. Hope it rocks my socks off.

High expectations


Early in the morning, my team had a meeting and my manager went about setting targets for the team sales. Team morale recently quite low due to the lousy campaign done recently ; the rates are just not attractive enough. however, we still have to finish up contacting the rest of the customers covered in this campaign.

New target for May: $500,000 worth of balance transfer sales per person. Wah lan head faint. My manager look me too up already la.... In a while I'll be transfered to handle the new campaign dealing in personal loans, after that then I'll probably finally get to do Mortgage sales.. I find it too dynamic liao, before I can sharpen my knives, I have to go and find meat to cut already... if you know what I mean!

The rest of them are concentrating on BT only.. For me... his reason: groom me and gain more experience. However for me, I can only hope he means what he says. Anyway, I need to work double hard.. Recently I feel I am not concentrating on my work. Perhaps too many pretty girls around.. =D

After that went for a drink with the rest of the gals at Macs... then they decide to go to the former president's wake which was at the govt. house beside Plaza Singapura. Thousands of people there... We actually went through 1 hr of waiting, before we got to board a shuttle bus which went through a very very big patch of land(I believe it can be utilised as a golf course - it's that BIG) and we reach the govt. house... Signed my name on the guest book before I went in to pay respects to the former president Mr. Wee. I always thought there was a resemblance between him and my grandfather.. Always felt a sense of familiarity when I see his face.. May he rest in peace and find eternal happiness.

Clubbing and Slacking


Well, it's been a slacking week at HSBC for me. The mortgage campaigns were over by the time I joined so I'm currently parked doing balance transfers,credit cards and personal line of credit. I received news that I'm gonna be attached to mortgage department for a while so I guess all the learning starts here. Heard that this is the start of the journey to a MSM - Mortgage Sales Manager! Fingers crossed. Right now I only want to balance my love life(none! pathetic me), financial(shaky) , studies(lazy),family(we're like all over the place) and my jobs(hsbc/innuzen).

Did some clubbing at Devils' Bar recently... Seems that this place has no lack of girls huh. Sure feels good to know that the odds are in your favour. Too bad my mojo has no need for such attention as yet - plus i was already occupied with my friends, hehs. A funny thing one night was that I met a friend from Citibank and she was with all her colleagues and I was wif mine from HSBC and we were like directly opposite each other. There we were, competitors separated by a pathway yet so close. Just months ago we always saw each other in the lifts and pathways lined along Millenia Tower.

Just had a BBQ at Gary's place with all the sophisticated peeps. All I can say is that... Gary's room is sneeze-inducing.. All cramped into his room to watch car racing stuffs and spoof videos. Time flew by just like that. Tomorrow Zouking with them as some of them getting permanent night shifts at AT&T for at least a couple of months and won't be meeting up much after that.

Have you guys ever wondered how fun and life would be if you were able to be...
1. Invisible
2. Go back in time
3. Predict happenings
4. Know what people think
5. Fly
6. Float
7. Go to outer space
8. Unplugged from the Matrix

I leave it all up to your imagination.

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