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HSBC - Hong Kong ShangHai Bank


Work started off with all my ex-citibankers asking me,"How come you joined here so early? I thought you coming on the 28th?" Jeez, human resource miscommunication? Anyway, apparently they didn't anticipate the arrival of The One so he didn't get his login id and password to enter the system. The manager said, "I wonder which one u prefer. The fact that you are happy that for doing nothing you get paid... or you're damn bored that you don't have anything to do."

I spent my free time(3 days) over there networking with people, reading through marketing materials, devising ways to increase sales and loans take-up rate. My manager is quite open with me, asking me to join him for a coffee break and telling me all the plans the bank has for us (the pioneer startups), some of his proposals for campaigns.. Really enlightened me alot. Apart from that, apart from home mortgage refinancing, he is going to let me handle personal loans, balance transfers and credit cards! Wow! I see an increase in potential income from commissions.

Although it is more tedious and requires me to have the knowledge of more products, it can enable me to analyse the whole financial market loan system and see how banks earn hundreds of millions deriving from so many different products when they only do one thing - lend money. I hope to work hard to make the cut to join the higher ranks inside, but for now, I'm aiming for the Top Rookie sales title for April-Jul period. What better way to start off the road to financial stability and success? :)

P/S 26.4.2005 Apparently there's this young gal causing an uproar inside with regards to performance and sales.. No point to fight with her over this title liao. LOL. No comments.

The Casino/s


Conspiracy theory - The Casino/s
The government dudes have asked Singaporeans to voice out on the subject of having a casino in Singapore right? Well, they are very clever. Actually from the start I felt that they were going to built the casino in the first place. The motive of having this debate in the first place is.... So that whatever concerns your mom and dad and your grandma and your grandpa and your.. you get what i mean.. once voiced out, the garmen will strategise their tactics to counter all their concerns. Like having a rehab centre for addicts and stuff. It's real foolish for the -against people to even cherish the hope that their voice would be 'heard' by the garmen and the garmen will agree to scrap the plans because if that was the case, everyone will be partitioning for whatever they don't want.. like Geylang, Joo Chiat, parking fines, speeding cameras, etc. There will always be a need for them if you know what i mean.

And all the casino bigwigs from Macau, Malaysia, etc is going to give Singapore the middle finger if all their proposals and models costing up to millions of dollars is going up in smoke not because they lost in the bidding war but is due to the "we invite you to submit a proposal for a casino in Singapore" people deciding to say, "After careful consideration, we decide not to have one instead. Thank you for your time and money and have a nice day." Good luck to getting future investments.

So apparently, garmen is so impressed with their kar kias who are so full of brains(apparently they only employ brains who are from accredited universities) to think of so many ways to counter all the people's concerns of the casino that they decide to... build... TWO!

A Skating Evening


With only a free day before my new job starts on Wednesday, I spent it all with Fungishiro skating at ECP! She's not a Japanese nor not a Singaporean but ... Hong Konger? LoL. And yes I've read your blog and Mr.Boo is a 100% Singaporean. Making fun of me again.....

She learnt a few stunts which I imparted to her. And she bought a new set of skates! So envious of her. However, I was a bit worried that she was getting too self-confident (like me last time) so I asked her to slow down while practising the stunts but.. alas.. she buang on her cute little butt. Lol. /me sayang. Get well soon!

And then got one cockster try to pull off some stunts in front of me. Lim pei old bird dun wanna chiat u only, that would be childish, but as usual, pls show off your stunts somewhere else!! I was flying 540 degrees off staircases in the 90's and you were probably still drinking milk!!!

Tomorrow finally starting work already. Sighz, have to adjust to a new company culture all over again. Seems like HSBC is more stringent with their regulations and stuff after MSNing with my friend who's over there now. Whatever the case, I'm just glad to be blessed with a job.

Making sure that my attire for my first day looks presentable.

Exams are over!!!


Examinations were finally over, I heaved a sigh of relief and hoped that I won't have to make it back for re-exams on my accounts. I scored a low B for CA and it only accounted for like 30% of the overalls. Gonna bomb big time on the 70%. I hate accounts, I am so-gonna-hire-a-accountant if I make it on my own.

Went Plaza Singapura and had lunch with Les and some classmates. Ended up fighting me and him fighting each other on XBox. Then all these little kids came over and start to watch us. Later all the parents think we never let them play.. Haha, but hey I just finished my first examinations after like 4-5 years man give me a break!

Went Taka and took 3 hours to make up my mind to get a Braun Buffel belt to start off my new job on Wed. Actually my big boss brother gave me a $100 Taka voucher to buy something so I was like looking at all the stuff and in the end this was something that I'm willing to splurge on. Also had bought a set of attire from G2000 before that at Plaza Singapura. They no longer had promotions for UOB cardmembers and I was fed up. So I asked "eh I usually get these from Junction 8 branch. They usually give me discount." The auntie replied, " Oh you know xxx?" "No, I know xxx.. I think she's from U2." "oh i think i heard of her, ok I give you discount" .. *-* like that I shelved like 10-20 dollars off my bill. Rock on...

Then she asked me where I was working and I said I'm starting at this place beside Plaza Singapura. Then she said," oh, there's this cute little gal from there always come and buy from me oso. you know her?" I thought for a while, "is it xxx?" "ya i think so" geez, world is so small. :P

Had a dream that I was having a shooting game and I was scoring high on the zun'ness department. I wanna go shooting again!

Morning Rants


Got woken up from my friend's call in her office. "Hey, Melvin's AutoCad cannot run. It says need to activate before using." "Errrrrrr, then you activate it then can use already lorrrrrrr." I slurred. "Can't leh, it says can't access the internet" "Huh? Errrr, ok give me 5 mins"

I went to my computer, downloaded a remote administrative program whereby you could install it and someone can access and run your computer over the internet. I attached to an email and sent it over. Then I called. Before I spoke, she said,"Hey, dunno why. Now can use already.. Then the CD that got stuck in the CD-ROM managed to eject."

Overall everything turned out fine without my intervention. Can't they just call me around 10 minutes later!?!? By then they would have realised that everything is fine and I wouldn't be deprived of my winks!!!!!!!

Since I'm in front of my computer, I checked out the news today on asiaone.com.

"CitiBank Platinum Card Goes For Snob Appeal"

Overall, the bank finally launched the Platinum card. Hmmm, how come I never heard anything of that? But then again, I read on and I found a few excerpts interesting.

Citibank reckons that competitors have 'cheapened' platinum cards by making them more accessible.

'What people want out of a platinum card is not so much about income accessibility or how they can get it.' 'That's because it will, overnight, cheapen your brand.'

To project an image of a card that is a class above the rest, Citibank's ad campaign to promote the latest offering sniffs: 'In life, there are contenders and there are pretenders. But in the sea of platinum cards, only one card stands out - Citibank Platinum Card.'

In my line of work during my period there, while talking to cardholders, some are really snobbish. I mean... I know how much you are earning... And it's barely above gold status requirements and you're boasting to me that you are holding someone's platinum card and we don't have them. And the reason for this is that you WANT me to waive off your annual fee for you. Although your father lim pei me has the power and authority to do that, why would I want to approve it? Besides you're a platinum card holder, are you so cheap? Usually these kind of people I decline whenever I get the chance and show them the middle finger in my mind. Lol.

To some who says the bank lousy lar, don't have platinum card la, other banks offer them la, I would say "Excuse me, we do have platinum card. However, the annual fees are $1000 a year and it's only by INVITATION only. That's probably why you never heard of it. * Coz we bloody hell didn't invite you coz you make not enuff money *. There's also one called the Ultima card, well.. For that, the annual fees are $2000. " My reply usually requires the customer to call the ambulance. Because they got their foot stuck in the mouth after hearing me.

It's true Singaporean are hao lian people. We go after the 5 Cs, our LV wallets, etc. Simply the pleasures in life that probably can't be justified in practicality cents. I mean.. What did the cow eat to produce a $2000 LV handbag!?! Anyway, if you make enough, slurge.

However please dun try to show off your platinum card to a Citibanker. It just makes us wanna laugh and tells us what a cheapo you are. It is simple gestures like these that tells a person's character.

What about me? I have a debit card. And probably fine with that.

Good or Bad Management


Just came back from East Coast Mac with Janice and Hua.. Got a treat from Janice, hehe thanks! :) I enjoyed the double-fillet o'fish very the much.

Tonight I am burning the stupid midnight oil again. Very theory-based examination subject tomorrow. Principles of Management. Argh. Then will probably drop down to Sim Lim Square to assemble two more PCs after that.. One for the last company and another one for my ex manager in Citibank. Business is good these days.. Heh heh.

Just realised how important a good manager is. The girls in Citibank always saying he's a nice guy always taking care of them. The current manager is treating my friends really bad. Asking them to do O.T and additional workload. And no acts of gratitude, etc. How come like that one!?
I thought a female manager is supposed to be more sensitive? Apparently not. Good at "ehh, can you help me with doing additional 10 refs?" or "can you work overtime tonight?" but not good at treating the people well.. very very very lao ya...

Anyway, hope that I can become a good manager in future too... I guess now the burger has probably digested already, time to hit the notes again... damn.


Business Communications - @#%^!&%#^@!&$%#&@%$&(*@#^&(@#*@$*#

Software Implementation over the weekend


Since last Friday, I have been busy doing up some computers and implementing them at a friend's company. The company was previously using pirated software (courtesy of *ahem*) and decide to switch to the real McCoy. Overall the cost of their software was around $15,000 and I had to reformat and backup every single one of them. Argh. Eventually after around 20 over manhours from Saturday till Sunday, the whole company is almost 90% legal compliant with the Business Software Alliance (still got 2 PC not yet converted due to some logistical reasons). Hopefully they don't call me for any helpline during this week...

Hot Zone. Intel Pentium 4 2.4ghz , 512MB DDR and 4 SATA/2 IDE Harddisks running RAID 10. Using Promise TX4200 4 Port SATA RAID card and TX2000 2 Port IDE RAID card.
Effective 320GB with real-time mirroring and additional 320GB for scheduled backups.

Here I was, all alone in the company, creating a mess that no one would want to see.

PS All pictures recently taken using my Razr V3 which is so 'my love of the moment' but probably won't match Hwei's new ipod with bose speakers..

I would to thank James(my cousin) here for being such a wonderful help in the process. Without you I'll probably be half-way in Windows Server 2003 dunno where to debug all the problems.

Anyway, just finished up the last computer and went to get some supper before going home. Then I surfed to my SIM website and to my horror, the date of my first exam is on Monday! Apparently someone misinformed me or I heard wrongly. That means I won't get much sleep tonight.. Neither would I be able to go 'qing ming' tomorrow.

Sometimes I wonder why am i so blur at times... Argh..

Last Day at Citibank


Today was my last day of my short but memorable 3 month stint at Citibank. It has been enjoyable experience for me and an enriching one too. I've handled thousands of accounts ranging from credit cards to overdraft accounts. Boring accoubts as well as interesting ones. Normal people as well as celebrities. Decent people as well as those that always go Hotel 81. Low usage card users to those always at Bar None or Phuture. You can tell a person's character almost by just looking at their statements.

As 6pm approached, I slowly felt the feeling of leaving. It was not good man. The office felt exceptionally quiet tonight. No one felt happy that I was leaving. Especially my buddy-cum-colleague. He was exceptionally disturbed by the fact. He kept sighing and looked down. Felt bad.

Me and Kelvin - Last Day

I went over to another office to surrender my pass and handle some logistics stuff with my manager. After that, I slowly cleared my deske. Damn how come I'm so depressed all of a sudden.. As I logged off my account and shut down my WinAmp, I clicked Start > ShutDown. As the computer harddisk whirred and purred with activity signally clearing up and shutting down, it dawned on me that I never once shut down my computer during my days here. We always left the computers on standby and they would wait patiently till the next morning when we moved the mouse and the monitor will blink and wake up for us to use.

Last Glance Before I left

As it shut down, I looked around and I took a deep breathe, walked to the door and said "Bye guys" and waved to them. Another chapter of my life has ended, yet it signalled the start of another. April 20th will be that day.

Innuzen Woes


Innuzen is a technology company that I started when I was about to come out of NS. It is actually a joint-venture between me and a manufacturer in China whereby they are the equivalent of Challenger or Compaq. It's very low-key and I don't talk about it much because it hasn't established a presence yet.

My first project is actually nearing completion. It is a very zen and chic mouse/keyboard set that I found a company to design. I'm actually frustrated over the period of time that I sent over the design templates and the time it actually gets done. Fucking frustrating. Especially with the fact that I'm now fully occupied with a job and part-time studies. But now it's finally DONE.

Now I'm actually in negotiations with my partner in China and her daughter who is living in Singapore. Basically her mom provides financial and manufacturing backup, her daughter is the liasion and I provide the visionary and directions as well as the market overview. I'm so tired and occupied with all the details. No one is there to help me. I feel so alone!

Family just incurred some investment losses in two separate businesses last year and they are working hard on another one. I don't feel the need to diversify their business yet. I'm not confident right now!!

It took me so long to get it here. Now it's nearing completion. Fruits of our labour. Now the question is ... Should I jump in?

Sighz, just finished 1hr on MSN with them. I'm so tired....

Mime Routine



Extremely funny clip of a mime routine..

A Promise


I made a friend a promise. I told him I would do my best to take him along with me to my new workplace. Apparently he was not part of the transition movement. I wondered why.

I spoke to the decision maker. The decision maker told me the reasons. I was saddened and disappointed. But I understood why the decision was made. Sometimes life's just so unfair. Slowly one by one we left. He's all alone. What if I was in his shoes? I hate to think of it. Must do what I can to help him.

"A promise made is not to be forgotten"

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