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Tremors in Little SG


On the way on the MRT. SMS received. "We are in town. Where are you?". Dad. "On the MRT back home already" A familiar ringtone. "Pick you up at Kembangan." "Okie."

Waited a good twenty minutes before my parents arrived. In the car, they asked "Yesterday midnight got earthquake at Sumatra. Got feel?" "Eh don't have leh.." "Sure or not?" Then I thought hard.

I was chilling out on Winning Eleven. Then I recalled. There was this moment. Then I recalled. Halfway I was feeling dizzy. I placed both arms on the table. Staring at an angle between my arms and the table, I realised I was shaking. Come on, I was just chilling out on a game after work, how come I'm dizzy already? The painting on top of the monitor was flapping up and down; the winds sure are strong tonight.

Back into the car, it struck me. My apartment was shaking and I didn't realise it. Geez. Reaching home, I stared at my painting. Last night I was probably tired, I didn't realised this painting is one hell of a giant. How could the winds have that kind of strength to lift it up and down? Cool.. Didn't know we could feel it here.

The last time I encountered an earthquake was in Taiwan more than ten years ago. While I was snoring away. Woke up to a loud din. "What happened?" "There was an earthquake ah. You didn't feel it?!?" "Oh......" :รพ

Good Friday and the long weekend.


What a long awaited long weekend.. Good Friday followed by a non-working Saturday. Finally had time to calm down my nerves and rest my body.

I'm sure everyone heard about Dan Brown and his books? Basically one has to read his books or be considered an outcast during 'intelligent' conversations. Well, now and then someone will push one of his books to me then I'll read it out of boredom! But how crazy its popularity is? When your maid asks to borrow the book and says 'wah very nice to read!' after just 20-30 pages. This is nutz.

Another person died on our MRT tracks. From what I know, he was unable to climb up after he tried to retrieve his shoes. His wife-to-be tried in vain to do pull him up when the train approached. Imagine watching your loved one die in front of you! What the hell were the rest of the commuters doing? And the MRT staff said their cameras were not recording when asked to produce a video. Someone's ass is gonna burn big time!

My letter of resignation was rejected! Wtf!? The new supervisor was stressed that I wanted to quit after she took over. Keep asking me to reconsider and take the long weekend to think it over. Didn't offer me anything to make me stay. Even though I've made up my mind, it would have been entertaining to see what they would have offered ; like a pay raise, promotion(wahaha), etc. Keeping my fingers crossed for Monday.

Hitch, Paintball Photos


Weekend came and passed. Time flies when you are doing anything else other than whatever is related to your job and studies. That's just so typical of life.

Watched Hitch by Will Smith on Saturday with some friends. It's about a guy who teaches others who lack the courage and opportunity, how to get the girl they like. Frankly I found it funny and witty and with occasional touches of deja-vu (like.. hey shit, this happened to me on one of my dates.) A great show to end a week of work. Go watch it if you guys haven't, shouldn't get disappointed la, I didn't. Hopefully learnt a thing or two after viewing it.

Feeling bad on Fri, entered the office 20 mins late with the manager inside showing the new guys the ropes. "Siao liao." Sashayed discreetly to my desk, put down my briefcase and started working and making a few calls. Basically ignoring her whenever she walked passed me. When I ended a call, she came to me and said, "Hey! Wanna use the newer headset?" and installed it for me. Everyone in the office were like 'wahing' and 'why i dun have and you have?' and they came up with a theory. She gave it to me coz I was staying and they weren't. But I told her that I'll help to tahan the workload after the rest were leaving and the new guys were not in time to join. But however, I have to tender my resignation letter soon. Hope she don't hate me for it. With a pay increase and performance-based incentive system, I have to do it!



Citibankers are fun and friendly people. :P

The photo from the Citibank bash at O-Bar just came. Probably one of the memorable clubbing nights I've had in a long while. Hope there will be more to come.

AIA Beckons Me


Another job offer dropped down on my lap again. One of my ex-customers who used to buy computer parts from me called me out for lunch today. He is also my financial planner. Initially I thought that he was going to offer me something again but however over coffee at The Coffee Connoisseur @ Millenia Walk, he told me he wanted to groom me up as one of his elite team members(Hmm, can I make the cut? *scratch*) as he was forced to be a manager after being one of the top performing AIA consultants and had to form a team. Well he is doing great currently. I envy him frankly, still looks dashing at 36 years old and plays X-Box whenever he has the time. Has more than one plasma TV and a couple of LCD TVs at home. He knows how to enjoy man!

He told me as long as you focus in whatever you do, time and obstacles is not a problem. Hmm, thanks man I'll keep it in mind. However, had to reject as I'm in the midst of a transfer over elsewhere. And people are still kind of edgy over financial planners - I'm one of them. But they make BIG BUCKS. REALLY BIG.

Frankly speaking I doubt that I possess his kind of mentality and principles. But hopefully some of his determination and focus rubbed off me. Even though nothing materialised out of lunch, we both left feeling that we learnt something more from each other.

Paintball at Orchid Country Club


We had a paintball session on Sunday. Woke up on a early Sunday before Gary called me. He informed me to wear long sleeve and pants for the game. Looking at the bright morning sun, it was going to be one hell of a hot afternoon.

We went to Orchid Country Club to play the game. There were in total 10 of us, including two girls. Before we played, there was this board that had pictures of people who came to play before. We saw Jeanette Aw, Zoe Tay and lots of other celebrities that came before ; too bad never get to play with them. Hehz.

We were divided into two teams and we played a variety of games including capturing and shooting objectives and last man standing. It was real fun! The paintball gun was powered by a CO2 and lots of green coloured pellets that exploded on impact. We were told it was travelling at 100metres per second so we had to take precautions. It is really zun and I had a fun time 'sniping' the opposite team when i captured a 'tunnel meant for sniping' :)

At the end of the session, we were all dead tired but it was a good workout cum bonding session. I ended up with a bloody bruise on my shoulder that came from a single arm shot that Gary shot 'without aiming'. Argh. And a paintball bounced off my head without splattering but gave me a big balukoo! Basket.... Anyway, I have not been meeting these guys for other activities other than clubbing and drinking sessions since poly life. Let's meet up soon guys!

P/s I would like to upload pictures but all at April's side.. Hope she can send me if she sees this. Hello??

Zouk Winebar


After Citibanking and SIMing, I sped down to Zouk Winebar. Last time I came here was a few weeks ago, was at Velvet then. Hmmm, the familiar faces and usual valet drivers, it's no wonder that Zouk is still very much still de place to chill out at because the sense of familiarity is always here. The chances of bumping into friends here is always high.

Hanny's surprise birthday. I strolled in past the doors at Winebar and right in front of me was a bunch of people whom I've known since poly years. "Wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzuppppppppppppp" Just like the old days, just that now Gary and me are in office wear. Went over to shake hands with the birthday boy but he grabbed and hugged me like I was some hot babe. Then he started kissing. argh. but he's got a girl drooling all over him. So good. And Kev sprouting b.s as usual. Then all started saboing each other of eyeing Angelina's outfit. Cute. Rest of night spent mingling with the guys and catching up. Come to think of it, we were bonded by this lame game called Counter-Strike 3-5 years ago. Still a lame game now but those days were fun boy. Tomorrow we're going for paintball at Orchid Country Club. I initially thought it was at Sentosa. Whatever the case, I'm going for Kev's ass tomorrow.

I also tested out a route from Zouk to Bayshore after that. The route I went bypassed a usual spot that the traffic police usually set up a roadblock at. Safe. Hehz. Even parked perfectly. Nothing can bring me down tonight. :) Except for a slight tinge of loneliness perhaps.

Job offers / SIM Presentation


Today someone offered me a job at HSBC. In fact, now I have a total of .... TWO job offers by different persons. Both at HSBC. I feel a sense of importance right now. *sniggers* I mean... Both are irresistable offers made by people who worked in Citibank before. Both intending to better my pay. I like one offer which is result-orientated in sales. I don't think I'm a lazy person when it comes to work. When I work, I really work hard. So why get the same pay as the others? For my hard work, I should be paid MORE!

Meanwhile, major employee shuffle in my department now. Lots of new blood coming in. I intend to hang on for just a while more, dun feel like leaving yet but it will come. The new manager is having a real hard time handling my colleagues. I try to help her whenever possible and she readily offers her help to me whenever I need it(how about a pay increase instead?). When situation stabalises, I think it's time to plot my next move.

I just finished touching up the presentation slides which me and my group mates took several saturdays to finish. It looks GOOOOOOOD. I always loved to do presentation slides. Coz I haven't seen anyone who can BETTER me in them. Ya I'm that confident and cocky. Bite me. Gonna wow the dudes at SIM tomorrow during presentation. Sad to say, the guy I have chosen to present is not so good. They tried to ask me to do it but nah thanks, I did like 80% of the bloody presentation slides and putting so much work into coordinating the meetings, doesn't seem fair for me to do it although everyone would love such a task - coz can haolian to speak to audience ; like i fuckin care. chey.. two guys in my team purposely wanna compete do the talking to wow one babe in my class.. alamak.. both of them thinking of ideas to engage her into voicing out as part of our "engaging the audience" technique.. I also clown around the ideas but knn la, the scheme will be as thin as the g-string that office lady wore beneath her translucent pants i saw the other day... hahah. Hope my guy don't do something stupid tomorrow.

Must try to sleep before 12. Adios amigos.

The Stuck-Up Guy


I'm beginning to see more and more familiar faces each day at work. Sec school mates, poly figures... Ex-scandals... and i just turn my head and pretend i don't see them or recognise them. Likewise, I hope they don't see or remember me. Hmm.. Why?

Maybe because last time I was a clown in school,a joker who was never taken seriously and one who took his future for granted(assumed come out to work in society earning easily $3-5k a month; boy was i wrong). So seeing them kinda reminds me of the past and I should be mindful of my behaviour - people talk.

Or it could be because I have taken a longer than usual lunch break and I did not have the energy to say "Hi!" because the time used might determine whether I am found out to be taking a longer than usual break. Not that it matters but nowadays, work ethics and impression counts in an industry where everyone knows everyone - well, almost.

Or I simply have too much issues on my mind to bother with socialising. Ya that happens. So talking to them with a "35 refs to go after this" simply just sucks. Especially with night lessons after that.

Oh yah, they're all girls.. What happened to all my guy friends?!?!?!?!!?

Whatever the case, if they said "hi" first, i'll definately be glad to converse with them. In the meantime, i'm just gonna be the stuck up guy. You think I care? But sometimes I've really so cock-eyed that I can't see friends waving in front of me. Pardon me. Habit of dazing into horizon.

Saturday Activities


On a Sunday noon, woke up in a world of daze. My head is a bit numb. SMSed my partner that the Innuzen meeting was to be postponed. Felt bad about it informing her at the last minute. Will make it up next week. Well, Sat was half day work before proceeding to Orchard to meet Les and my project mates. Did 4 hours non-stop of project work. Met Sara and Kenny after that and went for dinner at Phil's Steakhouse. They all seemed so tired, however I felt I was the one who lacked the most rest! Nonetheless, it was a great fun Sat which ended after a 4 hour session at PartyWorld KTV.

On the cab home, Leslie wanted to have a chat with me and suggested a drink when I was supposed to drop him at his place first. He said "I pay cab fare la, since later I also have to pay you part of it." I mulled over it as it was like 4 plus am already but since he wanted so, I just stayed a while longer. Then he was shocked at the taxi fare. "Wah shit, I forgot to factor midnight cab in!" Haha, too late.. You offered to pay! Damn funny cock up.

We chatted primarily about me wanting to go after her. Actually I had not told him before that night but he was like "Eh dude, I know you how long? I can read you like a book!" Damn, he thinks I'm another one of his Dan Brown novels is it? But he was astonished when I told him the times we went out. "What!! All this and I don't know!?!" Anyway, I found out he is not the only one who could tell.. (that's very encouraging huh?) We also discussed issues like how fucked up we were towards each other at times. At least we do not keep it couped up in our hearts and backstab each other. And I found out he is going after her friend! At least I'm not the only one with a dilemma.

Anyway, the picture seems a bit bleak between me and her since my friends do not seem to encourage it due to several factors. Then again, when was going after someone without puddles in a pond at all? Anyway, I've been all right in the chasing department so far(that's why I'm never fat?). If there's a rejection, it's only part and parcel of life(now that's the right attitude.)However, I'm just focusing on our friendship first. So far, she's been cool with it. Nothing seems to indicate otherwise. And she probably knows it anyway.

Sweet home of mine


Home sweet home... When I open up this blog, I realised dear fungishiro complain i never care about her ah.. She's always so busy with thumper, flying around and shopping with her girlfriends (and guys) so how to keep contact neh? We long time also never go skating at ECP liao. You NO CARE ABOUT ME LOR! Ok let's not push the blame around. Meet up soon la.

Well, it's time for celebration! My sister-in-law is .... Pregnant! I'm so happy for her! My grandma must be damn happy... Some of my family members are still don't know about this yet, they're still working or outside.. Ho Ho Ho.

Old friends, do you still remember the numerous bbqs and gatherings we had here? I've a feeling the good o'days will be back!

Holy shuckerooneees... As I was just telling my 2nd brother about the pregnancy while writing this, my maid just informed me we're probably moving back into my old place in a few months as informed by my mom.. Damn, i missed my old place. It was rented out for over 4-6 years, we actually had to negotiate with our parents to FIGHT IT BACK. Literally had to sit down and really talk about it. Cool... I've gotta move again for the umpteenth time. My parents find it fun. We find it tiring and crazy!

Bits and pieces of a battle-torn soldier


After our Citibank party at O-Bar last friday which sure rocked (never seen such a high ratio of gals to guys... free flow of alcohol and food), work basically started to pile up man. Our battlefield weakened by a bevy of MCs and leavers, our staff strength were like 40-50% to handle the workload. Today almost collapsed in a pool of self-puked blood. So much work!! Had a shock in the morning because I assumed that the workload would be ok today and I could study for my incoming test at 1900 hours. Everyone beh tahan, complain here and there.

I decided to fuck care and go for a extended lunchbreak hitting 1hr30mins with some guys at Fish & Co.. One guy was leaving Citibank to become a teacher. A Chinese teacher at that!! His Chinese is rather good and we found out today he actually sings at a lounge at Millenia/Marina Sq. In the office, all the gals started dedicating songs and he could sing them with an amazing great voice. Wowser. :)

Still waiting for the implementation of software for a company. The wait is almost unbearable, my handphone is dying from static noise.. With the income from that I can forgive myself to upgrade to the Motorola Razr. With a bloody awesome screen made of glass and air-craft grade metal, nothing screams "I am a farking showoff" more obscenely than that. Hehz.

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