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Three more days to my date


Three more days to my date. It's been quite a while since I had one. It was not easy. Well. Actually all it took was another second sms since she replied to the first one that she won't be free on Sat. The second crucial sms actually would determine if she is interested in proceeding further or as Hitch would say "she is already interested when she says she's going out with you. Now is up to you not to SCREW IT UP" or not a chance at all.

Lucky for me, we decided to go out on a public holiday. Less stress, not so tired after work. In fact, she suggested it. That's cool. I hate a situation like one-ways where I do all the talking and the only response is either yes or no. That would be very agonising.

It's time for me to put some decent work in a relationship if I do get one. My past fews really sucked due to me and probably only me who can't really commit properly and seriously to one without being distracted. Nowadays I find I can't commit properly to all my other commitments due to lack of a relationship. How ironic huh.

Went pubbing at Ice Cold Beer and No.5 which is situated behind Orchard Emerald on Friday. It's like a secret heaven for executives to chill down after work and talk about latest happenings. I went with Vixie and Wendy to meet a group of MSMs for drinks before heading down to Velvet.

What struck me about No.5 is that peanut shells is like all over the floor and bar. Very interesting ... I thought everyone there were monkeys or something. Hahz. Mingled with the MSMs and found out that generally they all look younger than they look... Maybe due to the fact that a MSM handles cases ranging from $500k to a few million for a single client - it'll be better to look more 'experienced' to meet customers.

The AVP is a damn friendly guy, smart looking indonesian chinese chap who has no qualms about letting his hair down after work to party like mad. And he's only 27. Hmmm... Getting more tempted to request for a transfer over. Dress executively-smart, earn big bucks, party just as hard, know people who are already 'there' and who knows what u can progress to.

We headed down to Velvet around 9 plus 10. Got to know a few more people down there. One of the female MSMs whom I met in Thumper weeks back introduced herself to me again. She said she always see me around the HSBC lobby and that we smile to each other but never ever toked so now get to break the ice. I replied that I already knew her name at Thumper that time but she said she had no recollection of the event that night. *wonder who i was toking to that night!*

I believe that I'll never be drunk again. Coz I have been drinking regularly *not in large amounts of coz!* and I'll probably puke before I get drunk. My friends always say my face turns into a kind of funny red and I usually control my intake after that so as not to look wierder than I already look.

1 more plus hour before I can go home to sleep from work now.

A Steakly Experience


I suddenly remembered one incident at SIM when I went there for revision before the next day exam a week back.

I went to the restaurant where they served pizzas, pastas, etc. I ordered a black pepper steak from the guy. He asked me how I wanted it. I answered him "medium" twice. Twice means he checked with me yah? That's good. While waiting for the steak, he was like commenting and grinning to his fellow mate. "The size of it became so small! Lol!" I sian 1/2, nvm la it's meant to be. And is this your first time doing steaks?!?!

After that, he put my mini steak on the plate and poured mushroom sauce over it.

"Eh eh man, I wanted black pepper steak.. Why are u pouring mushroom sauce?"
"Oh you never tell me that.. Usually we would pour this sauce.."

-_- you damn full of shit.. then why call it black peppar steak?

Sensing that I already pissed about his lack of logic, he hurriedly added, "Actually the meat itself is called black pepper steak, the sauce we use mushroom sauce."

You bloody cockneh, you think I first day eat steak is it? I was so tickled by his incredible low IQ or his pathetic attempt to cover up this blooper that I decided to laugh it off and said it was alright. *gracious me... omg!*

As I sat down and proceeded to cut it, ended up that it was WELL-DONE! Well done to you lad, really well done.

Zouk Reopening


I went Zouk on a Friday night. My friend was queuing up and waiting for me so I literally flew down as I was late.. (Sorry to Pat!) Zouk had reopened after its renovations so tonight was her first night of reopening. It was crowded as hell outside and inside as well. But inside was cooling and we managed to find seats. I didn't really find it crowded so I guess Zouk did a good job of crowd control.

Lots of beautiful people as well as ang mors as well. A few extra plasma screens. Extended VIP section. A central toilet wash fountain. In Phuture, there was this really huge screen at the dance floor. Damn bright... Didn't venture further as I would have been squeezed like a prata later on or that exit sign would be elusive.

Lots of camera crew that night... Flashing away like nobody's business. They seemed to focus on the crowd rather than the people by only taking pics where there's a jam occuring.

A friend called and told me he arrived outside. I went out to meet him and saw that it was jam packed wif tons of humans outside. Thinking that it would be crazy to queue, I decide to stand near the front of the queue... Merge in... Then these couple of sweet things asked some people from behind to move in, then i made my move. "Hey man, just go in now. Trust me." then i just pretend to look around for friends while i ushered him into the queue. Ahahahaa.

"Now you know why the queue never moves." Another friend came and i executed the same trick for her but ended up Zouk stopped admission and her friends didn't dare to cut the queue.

Another incident happened when i was seated wif my friend in Zouk while my other group went to check out Phuture. There was this gal who was throughly drunk and her friend brought her over. "hey can i have this seat?" *can i say no? of coz la...* then she plonked her friend down and 2 of them took care of her while she kept requesting for her drinks. They were like toking to each other when the drunk gal started to lie on me and stuffs like that.. "ehh ehh sorry!!! my friend is drunk!!! *as if i dunno...* it's her birthday today " i turned to my friend and say "lol it's her birthday man.. we should offer her our drinks and wish her happy birthday!" we laughed it off,decided wisely to conserve our limited supply and continued to enjoy the crowd and the music.

Then she started leaning on me again and her friends kept yulping.. she turned round and kept saying "who the hell is he?? who is he? who is he? x 1024 x 768 times".. Pengz.. Decided to go explore Phuture and leave the lost child alone wif her friends...

Mind Visualisation


Finally my month of torture is over. Glad that I made it this far. Lack of sleep and a social life outside work and studies really kinda mind-fucked my brain into having incomprehensible thoughts. Trying to organise my daily routines into a systematic order, not as and when I feel like doing it. I'm already 24. Hehz!

Had an interesting experience while studying for my last paper "Organisional Behavior". I met up my study mates for last minute revision the night before. This module is really lots of brainwork. Questions are all theories, have to sprout out all the correct terminology. I tried out some technique of memorising which i seen before and it kinda worked. I look at the terminology. I visualised a image of it. Then I linked it with another image of a terminology. I managed to memorise Maslow's Theory Hierarchy with that shit man!! Waha... Well it's more complicated but I'll simplify the theory...

Physiology > Safety > Belongingness > Esteem > Achievements.

I pictured me at a table having Macdonald's (satisfying physiological needs), then looking at my computer doing my work (job safety) and after that talking to the gal i like - [fill in your name here] (Social belongingness) and one day I get promoted (esteem) and in a couple of years I set up a elite department of sales and marketing channel(achievements).

Sounds crappy but my friends were like.. does it work... then.. he went on inventing his own imaging about motorcycles and helmets and he was like .. "wah!! works!! haha" and the next day morning before exams another friend was like " eh rihao i tested out ur method.. blardy hell it works! how come never teach earlier! "

Good thing was that... That topic came out and all of us remembered the terms.. That was some serious good shit! Too bad we had lack of time to prepare for the whole paper..



HSBC @ Atrium and Plaza Singapura - Workplace

Sim Lim Square - Where computer lovers meet and cheap buys to be made

Orchard Road - Place to spend your money at!

Google Earth


This is where I stay. Google Earth is damn cool mam. Hah hah!

The Memphis Belle


I just watched the Memphis Belle DVD, courtesy of my 2nd bro Khang who borrowed it from his friend. I watched this show on LD (anyone still remember the big ass Laser Disc format?) in my secondary school years if I still remember correctly.

It is a war story about this particular B-17 bomber who was going on her final 25th mission to bomb the Germans and her crew. Very inspirational story about how they overcome the odds to finally come out of it alive and become war heros. I just found out that the last member died recently on 1st Oct 2005. He was 85 and his wife who's name was on the plane itself during those years stayed with him till the end and accompanied by his descendants.

Very oldies type of movie, a refreshing change from the usual Hollywood movies that I watch. The hairstyles of the 1940s, their sense of fashion, their culture, their way of life. So much different then. Although it was the war era, you can feel how free they were then, not much worries. Life was hard but it had meaning. I'm still pondering over the meaning of mine, as well as what to do with it! Haha.

Studies, work, money, material things. Is life just all about these things?

Back to my studies. ZzZz.

My thoughts as examination approaches.


Finally it's Friday. Next week is examination week. My exam mood is still cool at the moment. I'm amazed by my own lack of self-initiative to feel panicky at this very moment in time. 2-3 months of lessons whereby spent sleeping in lectures and smsing people and not a single day of revision during that period of time. How am I going to survive this examination?

I have shelved my core leave and used it for a full 5 days next week for my examinations. After all, I don't see the need to get a vacation. One of my major concerns are my examinations and once it's over, I'll be so relieved that I'll probably party the whole month after that. In fact, Zouk reopens on the very next day my exam ends - 22nd October if I'm not mistaken. I'll definately drop by.

Found out that Mortgage department just employed two new Mortgage Sales Managers (MSM) while I was talking to a AVP recently. I recalled that I came over to HSBC whereby I could progress to MSM. I'm thinking of asking for a transfer over there but I hope to at least complete my contract which ends in April. Furthermore, I'm not sure if I am cut out for the job. But I could see future in it. Staying in the office from 9-6 is getting boring although my collegues are fun loving people.. At the end of the day, it's the career path that you choose that's the most important bah. I've learnt much from my current job but I can only walk so far here it seems.

Nowadays all I can think of are my career options. Nothing else seem to interest me more. With the exceptional of one or two matters definately.. But this is definately long term.

Me and my newsletter team for HSBC CCBT/ARF Newsletter Issue 3!

No transfer, new shirts and examinations!


The job transfer didn't materialise as the position wasn't created in the end.
Anyway it's ok, I still hope to create some results here in my current job as I haven't been shining bright lately. This month seems promising, from what I see on my Key Performance Index. Hope to top the charts on Monday when the updates on performance is out on Monday. However I've got exams coming up in the later part of the month. Extremely tight timing already, I'm imposing a self-curfew on myself after job. No outings, no movies, no coffees, dinners, etc. Straight home from now till 22' Nov ; my last paper.

Will take the opportunity to study at home, maybe talk to my grandma whom has been discharged for quite sometime. Quite hard seeing her laying in bed sleeping most of the time when I come home. Sometimes she can't even talk to me properly, getting blur. Indeed saddening. Lucky I have my maid who is very close to her attending to her needs 24/7. My maid even gave up ending her contact, she was supposed to go back home to her family. I'm very grateful to her.

Went to tailor made two shirts the other day at Far East Plaza. The material is very good and it's custom made to my body size with cuff links and such. Made one with pattern and one just pure white. My dude got it done in two days. Was $150 poorer for 2 shirts. But the cutting was indeed solid and surprisingly I liked the pure white material alot! The tailor told me he usually charge $150-200 for a shirt for expatriates, since he knew my friend then give me this price (wonder if it's true.. haha) - even show me his past receipts to prove it (the ang mos could be carrot heads wat, or their huge size required more cloth so charge more? :D) Decide to wear one for a collegue's wedding (again!?!) at the end of this month.

Finally decide to blog as Han Bao Bei force me to stay in the office with her while she transfers her songs into her MP3 player. Just my luck to be indebted to her for buying a few mcbreakfasts in the mornings - and it's not even on her... haha. Anyway, good lah, or else go home sure lie on the bed to sleep also.

I want top sales, pass my exams, get a gf, ip nano, better health for my grandma and a better nicer tan. Will these materialise? I want to be more pro-active in getting what I want instead of waiting for things to happen. :)

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