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Remembering things

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I'm in front of the computer, having a bowl of maggi mee before I embark on my project. Sigh. Ever since I graduated from National Service, my time has been split mostly between work and studies (decided to enroll into SIM) and of course the GF. It's not that studies is bad but there seems to be no time for anything at all outside the usual office hours. I need to seriously reconsider whether I shall continue furthering my studies when I get my diploma.

I miss hanging out with all my friends. I miss playing computer games. I miss rollerblading. I miss sun tanning. I miss the times when I had nothing to worry about, just thinking only what I shall do next to entertain myself.

The times I truely enjoyed was just before I entered NS. At the computer store where I was most familiar with. My colleagues were part of my life and we slogged like mad. I could still keep in touch with friends because they would look for me once they had problems with their computer. I enjoyed helping fix their computers as they felt so happy after that. I felt happy too! Then after work it was off to party at Zouk or Mhd Sultan. Or enjoy a nice Japanese meal with hot sakae at our favourite Nanya Monya at Bugis. I still remembered Sharon the nice waitress who got the chef to make a Japanese omelette with letterings on top. Everyone in the restaurant sang the birthday song for me. I had to gulp a cup of sakae with every one who did. Crazy times!

Damn, why I always reminisce in my blog.

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