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Change in Job - Scope


A change in job scope. Outdoor client meetings. Supposedly pay increase. All within a span of few months. Good chance to learn something different in a new sector of banking environment - experience to be gained, records to set?

Never once have I not answered for my own performance at work. Working hard for recognition for my efforts and to prove to myself that I'm capable when it comes to focus and dedication.

Behind the scenes I'm still left unanswered for some issues. Even though everything looks pleasant on the surface, there are still things I'm left wanting. This change just accelerated the timeline.

The Myth


On Friday, went to watch The Myth which was produced by Jacky Chan with Eric, Wendy, Gladys and Shirley. The show was pretty good. The usual Jackie stunts were there meaning that they were purely there as entertainment.

Pretty kick ass movie with the storyline morphing between the past and the present life of Jackie who was a brave famous general in the past and a archaelogist in the present. I enjoyed his fighting scenes throughly, very stylish and fierce. The female casts are also pretty eye-catching! :) I'll give it 4 stars!

Headed to Rouge later on with two of my colleagues Eric, Wendy to meet a friend, Traven from HSBC as well. Had free entry. Rouge is pretty good! With live band singers like John Molina (I think I spelt his name wrongly), it was a great night with great live songs and nice R&B music. I was pretty high on that night but Saturday didn't have to work but needed to work on project.

I was the emcee for Adeline's wedding last Sunday. Needless to say, the nervousness was there the moment I woke up that day. Took the script and went through it countless times - I was doing the Chinese language part and I couldn't even go through some of the words smoothly before getting tongue tied! Went to pick up the girls who stayed over at her place to celebrate or rather grieve over her last night of singlehood and we headed to Warren Country Club where it was held. It was located in Choa Chu Kang, meaning literally from East to West of Singapore! I spent time rehearsing the script with Ashy and Cynthia who were very helpful with the chinese words.

I still remembered vividly my first entry into the restaurant with the lights dimmed to almost pitchblack with a punchy song with drums been played as me and my companion Karen waltzed along the pathway carrying two hello kitty lanterns(idea by karen, rejected unsuccessfully by me). While walking we were like "HelllooOooOoO everybody!!!" Wah, kind of got shocked by my own voice been played out loud by the several JBL speakers in the restaurant. It was cool yet nervous at the same time but I guess all the orientation speech I gave during my NS stint at my firestation at open house helped alot as I did not really get frightened by so many people looking at me. In fact, I think I looked around but never really into their eyes or expression.

Felt like I was in control, if I messed up, it was due to me and only me. So i ignored everyone's expression and just proceeded with the schedules like the solemnization ceremony, march-ins of Adeline and her husband, champagne popping, yam senging and etc etc. Getting the feel of it already so I started to crap on stage just to cheer things up. While the couple was pouring champagne I went "Wah... Just look everybody... They are so nervous I can see their hands jun already! Haha!" A particular table went wild with hysterical laughter and I looked in the direction. All my colleagues there laughing like mad. LOL!!

Ok la, the night ended not without bloopers as well however I shall not mention it here. It was a great experience and I don't mind doing it again for a friend.

Till again.

A long absence


I'm back! Haven't been blogging lately. I haven't been in the mood lately due to numerous projects and quite a few activities lined up over the past weekends.

Grandma has been in the hospital for a few weeks too and that has pretty much affected everyone in my family as well. I hope she gets well soon. Due to my busy schedule I can't visit her everyday but I try to do as often as I can. Or else she'll scold me for not visiting her. :P

Been listening to chinese songs lately after a few KTV sessions with my colleagues and friends lately. I'm shocked to discover that I can't sing Chinese songs for nuts as I only know how to sing Daniel Chan songs and the occasional one or two other singers. My poor skills in Chinese also doesn't help at all too! I'm such a ulu pandan.

Just worked on the newsletter issue 2 till 2am just now. Hope to launch this soon. Heh heh. Gonna make fun of some of them by revealing their pictures and nicknames in the newsletter, manager included. Wahahahah.

I just tio a stupid fine again. For changing lanes on a double white line road. I didn't even realise this kind of offence oso they catch. Suckers, never pull me over, just send me a summons letter. $130!?! I don't even know if I really did commit the offence or not. Wah lan... swey leh.. Writing a appeal letter tomorrow to try to waive off the charges. Dunno if I can succeed in that but no harm trying.

My colleague's wedding is less than a week away from today. I'm the emcee for her wedding.. All eyes will be on me when I speak. Ahem.. The last time I remembered I spoke to a large crowd numbering more than 50 was during primary school where I was chosen to go on stage to talk about a book. I was so nervous that I think I uttered the F word over the microphone. Wahahahaha... I must not malu this time. I am doing the Chinese part some more. *vomit blood*

Gotta go sleep...

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