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Sitex 2004


Today went Sitex 2004 with Nick. On the way there he told me meeting one charbor! Fungyi! Hahah. So long never see her so quite happy to know that. Over there shop shop look look. Then decide to buy a Logitech Cordless Mx Duo wireless keyboard + mouse. Long time never buy computer stuffs liao, so buy lor. $119.

Clement and Liwei both wanted to meet me but at different timing after 5.. Wah kaoz. I stayed until 530pm at Burger King with FY and Nick to chat before they left.In the meantime I went back inside. Got 2 models from a game exhibition approach me to play the game. Quake. Woo.... @ Quake or the models? Both. Haha. They were paying $1000 to defeat the No.1 charbor in world from Vancouver. Ms.X.

This was my favourite FPS of all games man! The speed and adrenline of it is just awesome. Takes years to master it. Some people can't stand looking at the moving images for 5 mins/they end up puking.*serious* But I sucked it up like a hungry dog to a pedigree bone!

Here's a link to download a video. Shows the gameplay of what I'm talking about, we're talking top of the crop gamers in here. The video editing skills are top-notch, immersing the viewer into a realm of adreneline rush and 'nostalgication' for the old timers. :)


That's not me!

Anyway, I took part for the fun of it la.. Not childish la, got 50year old guy oso take part. Got free T-shirt mah.. *Gian perng* Went to stroll around wif clement after he arrived. When it was my turn, I sat there.

"Can change the config?"
"Sorry can't, you have to use default keys"

What the hell? I have to use keys I'm unfamiliar with, views I'm not used to.. To win $1000 against the world no.1 charbor? I cursed and swear.. But taking into note the 50-100s of people down below looking at me, I just played along.

Managed to frag her 1 time in the practice session. *Applause* Wah... All clapping for me sia... Trying not to lose composure or my 'say', I try to sit properly, dun slouch, and keep my mouch closed and eyes big big.

Ok match start. Midway the organiser was saying I got potential blah blah... to LAST more than 10mins against her. Sighz. No $1000 sian 1/2 already. "Let's give him support!!!" He literally meant that, he came up to the stage and massage my shoulders sia!

Ended up losing but enjoyable experience. Got a personal autographed cap from her. Hmm.. Ok cool.

I've always liked competing. But rarely took part in competitions. Decide to try entering in competitions more often.

As the saying goes, "You try something, there's a chance. You don't try, confirm no chance."

Something to rejuvenate those tired eyes from reading.


The Incredibles


Yo! Just back from Tampines watching The Incredibles with Les.

This is a pretty nice show. Funny and chic man. One of those classics that you can bring your wife and kids to (if you have). Still no chance to watch Taxi and Gisele Bundchen yet. Supposed to be a lame show la, but i still wanna watch. She's hot.

Gotta go Starhub to return the cable set top box to cancel the services at my previous home. Sighz, but cannot cancel the existing contract for my MaxOnline($400 termination fee) what the hell. My current place also has MaxOnline and also has a contract.

Recently Singapore keep raining and stuff. Moody weather man. But good thing is that the winds are blowing. Keeps the place cool and airy. Fark thing is that I'm down with a persistant cough. Shitty if you ask me.

Got some personal issues to sort out. Sighz, hope can finish by end of this year. Kinda sick of not working for now. Just somehow lethargic these days. Hope to get well soon to contribute to family and bank.


It's been days since my last entry. I apologise for the blackout. Well, this is because I feel the little happenings in my life don't need a dedicated entry in my blog. I will consolidate them and post them as one entry.

Currently I'm free till New Year. But in the mean time, I'll still do any jobs that require bits and bytes. Need to earn those buckeroonees to feed myself. Anyone needs a computer nerd around? I'm good you know.. haha. Other than computer jobs, I'm envisioning myself to be a marketing executive, property agent or a bartender. Basically these jobs are no-brainer stuffs and you just need to smile and sell. smile and sell. smile and sell. Blah. I can save the brain workouts for 2005. Damn, thinkin' of that just makes me think how fast time flies. Occasionally I'll think of the good and bad times over the last couple years. Good times not much, ok times alot, bad times.. hmmm.. as long as my bank not more than 5 digits I declare state of bad-time everytime. *haha*

As for recent happenings, I've been hanging out. So far, Zook, Siam Supper Club are the ok ones from what I've checked out. The rest are freaking quiet.On a Thursday when I went down M.Sultan, it was a empty street. At Devil's Bar, it was not even opened. OMG! But we still did manage to find places to hang out and have some fun. :) Thank god no road blocks. I hate it when people always say "Wah, you go this way ah? Ho say liao road block" and then "Wah heng ah, tonight they resting". Make me kanchiong only. Anyway, one night while sending friends home, I beat the red light. Actually the light just turned red the moment my wheels went across. I saw lights flashing from the red light camera. Wah super bright man, look like the police car's flashers. I cursed n swear. But it seemed like mine was not the only car. The opposide direction also had cars. Pray and pray. Heh heh.

Recently my friend Nick is clearing his leave before he ORD. So that means we are the only 2 zoh bohing right as of now. Even Les has duties to return to. We went Malaysia for some shopping and stuff. I had a hair-cut there also. Not bad la, girls should still love me for what I am.. *puke*

Back from JB, I found out that you are *allowed* to buy VCDs and DVDs over as long as they are within an acceptable limited *5 piece per pax guideline* and they are not porn. I bought 3 DVDs in Malaysia.

1. Below (Supernatural thriller)
2. Twenty Something Taipai (Chinese Movie, chronicles the lives of a group of friends)
3. Everybody Has Secrets (A smooth-sleek guy messing around with 3 sisters. NNB!!! Korean show - Choi Ji Woo is delicious... )

Number 2 has shown here, 3 showing soon I think. I bought coz usually these shows are hard to find on the Net, for other things in life, choose www.suprnova.org. Blardy hell, the Customs almost didn't let me pass. "What movies are these?" "Are you sure it's not porn?" Blah... In the end also let me pass.

Well, I think that's about all. Just remember this.

1. Don't club on a Thursday at your usual joints.
2. 5 vcds/dvds per pax from JB.
3. I've just had a hair cut.

Adios amigos,

Movies and Books


Went out early on Monday morning. Feeling stressed out from helping out the family bizness that I just felt I needed some fresh air. I left the car in the carpark and took a walk out instead. Felt shiok man, having the morning sun (or rather afternoon) in my face and the cool breeze of the East Coast sweeping me off my feet(or almost la, haha).

Went Tampines and Les came by to meet me a good 2 hrs later. Can't blame him la, when I was out and called him, he was still in La-La-Land. Went snookering (tied at 1-1) and bought tix for "The Forgotten"

The show is quite okay for its genre. Suspenseful and I was surprised when it was about abductions! I was expecting goverment cover-ups and stuff and new tricks but alien abductions. Wah.. Not bad. Hahaha. Only some action solid scenes(my fav is how the people got abducted.. The girl sitted beside me literally jumped in her seat. I think I got spooked by her, not the scene.) Overall I think quite good, although not my kind of show. I wanted to watch Taxi la, less tiring on my brain but someone else wanted a brain workout.

I also finished reading "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown. Not bad. Started last night around 10pm, read for 2 hrs and this morning read around 4 hrs THEN I FINISHED THE BOOK! Over 400 pages sia! Power of speed reading! But I dunno if I missed out anything crucial. Haha, and someone said I should finish reading it in 2 weeks or so. Nice book, did engaged me in some serious bookwormanation for a few hours. Too bad only one book, Dune had like 5 parts.

Raj, a buddy from poly called and asked if I was interested in a computer job. He said the guys from TP-ITAS also expressed interest when he called them. Didn't really get all the details, I only know the nature of the job was to provide consultants to companies who needed to automate their bizness. (Learned SAND in poly - Systems Analysis and Design. Wow, so this was not a crap subject afterall)

Anyway, not too confident that this would go through la. But if all the guys were like together once again, it'll be like reliving the good o' times man. A jukebox, pack of cards, personal tables(We had like 3-5 reserved tables that no one would want to sit at! Tables for the damned, they thought), the auntie that always screamed at us to clear our plates and legions of girls to look at. Deciding which lectures to skip. Food for thoughts.

How I wished I had one of those 'back to the future' cars to visit myself and my friends again. :) And perhaps to redo some past that I should have done the right thing then. :/

Gotta shower and go out liao.

What's happening in Singapore these days?


Police officers in bullet-proof vests and carrying sub-machine guns were seen in Serangoon Gardens yesterday as part of a national effort to thwart potential terrorist attacks.
What can I say? Global terror seems to be the news these days. Seems like arms and bomb makers are ka-chinging all the way to the bank.

IT'S happy times for mobile phone users here. The three local service providers - SingTel, StarHub and MobileOne (M1) - have recently slashed prices, making their mobile price plan offerings more competitive.
Cheaper bills for everyone. Hurray! Now it's time for phone makers to slash their prices. Come on, $700-$1000 for a piece of plastic, LCD and transistor chips? I personally feel Singaporeans sibei wu lui, change their hp now and then. No wonder phone makers are happily keeping a healthy profit margin.

MOBILEONE (M1) and Pacific Internet (PacNet) are participating in a two-month trial to deliver wireless broadband to homes and offices which, if successful, will mean cheaper Internet subscriptions.

What I think? Good luck to Wi-Fi and hotspots which charge by the minute at cafes, hotels, etc. My unlimited broadband internet can be accessed anywhere. Laptops will have a surge in demand, we'll see more uncles getting caught surfing porn in public. Now we'll just see what's the results of the trial and the pricing plans.

AN ANIMAL rights group yesterday intensified its search for a full-grown pet tiger allegedly kept near Sixth Avenue, despite scepticism that someone here is actually hiding one of these wild creatures.
Woah, rock on.. Siberian huskies? My tiger beats any dog of the moment anytime.

WE ARE facing an alarming Aids epidemic in Singapore. Globally, more than 20 million people have died since the first case was identified in 1981. Since we are a global city and global efforts to control Aids have failed dismally, we should not be surprised we now face the same problem that the world has been grappling with.
What to do? Stop having sex when you're diagnosed with it? Use condom? Frankly I think the person gives jack-shit about responsibility upon knowing that AIDS is the end of the world, might as well live it to the fullest! Find the fucking cure, god damn it!

Boring day....


X X X X !

Today my younger brother borrowed my G2000 suit to an interview at SMU (Singapore Management University) and I had to send him there too! Nowadays I'm like a taxi-driver, sending my family here and there.

Asked a ex-fireman friend of mine out for a bowling session at East Coast since I'm already out. Quite cheap, only $1.50 per game over there and the lane's pretty good.

Took the above pic during one of the games. Hahaha, not only I had a turkey(3 strikes in a row), I made it 4 consecutively and overall that game had 6 strikes and funnily not a single spare. Wow. All time high of 180. :)

After that we guys went to Shaw Towers to watch "Shark's Tale". Blardy hell, over there is all couples man, felt so wierd. Imagine all the 'kinky' stuff going on around me while I was watching the show. Hahahaha. Hey guys get a room!

I'll be back at the bread shop and the cafe tomorrow again. Start of a work week again. Sigh.



Simon's Cabaret!


Outrageous size of a lobster! Compare this one with the normal ones beside it on the right.


Streets of Patong Beach, Phuket


Shootin' at Phuket Shooting Range

I'm back!


Hello! I'm sorry to disappoint all of you guys who are reading this blog but I'm back safely from Phuket. Heh heh! Been there for a total of 4 days!

Anyone who want any tips on Phuket and its beaches, places to stay or where to shop at, let me know. Might be able to help a bit lar! :)

List of things I've done:

1st Day

  1. Bought a 18K white gold ring at Gems' Gallery (World's Largest Gallery of precious stones) - $297 cheap. saw a similar design at Lee Hwa for over $500... Wahahaha.
  2. Fired a gun with .45 calibre bullets at Phuket Shooting Range - $3 a bullet... Ouch.
  3. Checked in at Hotel Grand Tropicana, 100M or so away from the beautiful Patong Beach
  4. Walked and shopped at the stretch of shops that line the beach.. Mainly clothes, bags, watches and VCDs/DVDs. Restaurants with live music rock! Got live performance by 'Elvis' at one pub. Rock on!!! Heh hehz. But almost all the shop sell the same stuff, kinda boring la.

2nd Day

  1. Went on a speedboat to Phi Phi Islands. Tour around the islands, watch the clear blue waters, mingle with ang mohs and the locals. They are super friendly, however I encountered a rude French bitch when I tried to be friendly to her. Slut! Now I believe it when they say French hate Asians.
  2. Tried to tan at one of the beaches, but it rained shortly after. Everyone rushed back to the boat and I went back to the hotel wet like a freaking fish. This was supposed to be a fun trip!!!! Argh!

3rd Day

  1. Woke up early today. Go to the beach to suntan today. You guys know that utilising the beach seats there costs money??? Hahah.. Cock right? 60 baht for a seat. Around $2-3.
  2. Rode the water jet ski. One guy came over and chatted wif me for quite some time. I guessed he wanted me to play their rides. So I entertained la, plus he gave me additional 5 mins on it. :P 700baht for 35mins. Below $30. When I was about to leave, he also come and talk cock with me. At first glance looked like chao pai kia, but Thais talked very softly and slowly.. Wierd! But this way they seem more approachable la.
  3. Went to Phuket town for look look see see then eat eat.
  4. Had a 1HR 30Min spa session. 1200 baht, around 50 bucks.
  5. Went to see the infamous Ah Gua show. Simon's Cabaret. VIP seat - 600 baht.
  6. Go back hotel pack bag then next morning go home.

Will post some pictures later or tomorrow. In the process of being sucked back into reality. :(

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