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Old Folks Home


After work on Saturday, me and my colleagues all visited the Lion's Home at Toa Payoh. It's a nursing home for the old and destitude. It was organised by HSBC and we all HAD to volunteer but anyway, it has been a while since I did something for charity.

Lions Home

Upon reaching the home, we were shown a presentation about the home and residents and the representative of the home briefed us on the Dos and Don't when interacting with the residents eg. asking them where they come from, why are they there -> definately no nos.

There were 3 songs that they wanted to sing to the old folks. Personally I don't know why would they suggest to sing to them. Plus the choice of songs were pretty ugh but as appointed media coverage photographer of the event for my newsletter, I didn't have to sing so WHAHAHAHAH!

The HSBC Choir Team practising

The audience...

Actual Performance - Bravo!!

After that was followed by some interactions with the resident session. It was quite a bit daunting for most of us to interact with them but we just did our best and try to make them comfortable. They were generally quite friendly but some were quite awkward towards meeting us.

The residents were served food sponsered by us. The food sure looked delicious with sushi, kways and tarts. Initially we were apprehensive about serving them the stuff as most of them seemed to be toothless. However to our surprise, all of them finished their food and some asked for second serving!!!! I don't think they get food of this calibre at the home which is rather saddening.

After that, we had to say goodbye to the residents. It had been a enriching experience for all of us and we hope that the folks at the home will be happy about our visit. All of us have been all occupied about work, relationships and financial problems that we have neglected charity but I'm quite glad that this event has given us the opportunity to do something for once. Beats donating $$$ and wondering if it goes to them, gold fittings or first class air seats.

What do you do when you have a camera and gals sitting in your passenger seat?

It's in their genetic nature. :/

Anyway, you have been treated to an early preview portion of my HSBC newsletter issue 2. Blog readers get privileges. *grinz*

Problems and Focus


Why am I faced with so many problems daily? Big or small, nevertheless they linger around my mind all the time. Even after work, I come home to a whole different set of issues to handle.

Something big happened on Saturday. I'm so guilty I found out only when I reached home at 3am and charged my handphone to only receive the message at 4am. If only I had not gone out that night.

Whatever the case, all these problems is just a test for me I guess. I must face them straight on and face to the consequences. I need to change myself for the better. To better focus. To better understand. To be more in touch with situations and people around me.

As my SIM team mates commented "Don't know why you so slack now, last semester you were so siao on.." and hence my moodiness dragged our school projects down. Power of influence I guess! :P

Gotta get my act together. FOCUS!!

The reasons why I listen


I'm on leave for Wednesday and Thursday. Now come to think of it... Why didn't I take leave on Thursday and Friday instead? In that case, I would have a super long weekend. But anyway, was in absolutely no mood for that as this two days are for me to solve some of the problems that had plagued me for quite sometime. Or else it'll be bad for me in the long run, colleagues are commenting that I've been looking glum lately. :(

Went for some drinks and to look for a friend who was spinning at MIA yesterday night. Although it was quite deserted due to it being a Tuesday night, I was treated to a live performance by two guys who absolutely had the voice and skills. Alas to say they neither seemed to have the looks nor package, else they would have been in Singapore Idols. Then again it seems that they didn't make it through(they did took part) due to their age. Well, they did mention idols not talents ya? Hahah.

Someone commented that I never seemed to talk about myself, rather introvert type that keeps things to themselves. I heard her mention this on two occasions. I'm pretty surprised! I beg to differ. The actual fact is that I've learnt that people tend to talk more about themselves rather than listen to others. It's a fact. That's why this blog is all about ME. Coz now you are in a state the mind that is now interested to find out and know about ME. (o-o) oh.. not because you're just all about yourself? Er, maybe but who cares right?

Few people are good listeners, I've observed at work. Person 1 talk about something, person 2 simply ignore, talk back to 1 about something else. If I was person 1, simply pissed. Hurz. Let the others do the talking, don't waste my time and saliva. Some would rattle on about themselves and their problems, the rest hafta smile out of politeness. Isn't it a torture? I'll rather talk about something that concerns everyone.

People who like to talk all the time, will soon realise that no one wants to listen to them anymore. Because it's a 2-way communication process, not 1-way. Simple as that. Would you want someone to listen to you and give advice? That someone would also like the same thing too.

I don't mind listening to others coz I like to listen to their experiences, work, etc. In fact, I like to probe for details even. I even got friends in the undertaker business - heck, they even coincidentally handled my grandfather's funeral. They assured me they'll do a good job.

Through listening, you can gather info of which you can process to present it in a informative format that you can comprehend and derive decisions which you can make to your own advantage for the intention of self-satisfaction or profit. <-- conjured pure bullshit of a line. lol

Hahaha, I sounded like a lecturer.

My bad.

To her who said I keep all to myself - I will only tell you if you are sincerely interested. Or else I might just be wasting my time. :) I wish for happiness for you be it me or someone else. :)

Wise words...


Flirting with danger seems appealing, but it could just complicate things needlessly right now. Why not have a nice, meaningful conversation with stability instead? It might be just what you need.

National Day, Newsletter and Golf


National Day has came and passed. Watched live fireworks at Marina Square on the eve of the occasion 5 mins right after I walked out of the cinema theatre. Damn lucky. Watched Wedding Crashers. Quite a hilarious show man, I was laughing my ass off on my seat as I watched this one. Haven't watch any decent shows in a while, where have all the blockbusters gone? Increase the ticket prices but the standard is still not here nor there.

The newsletter had just got published and circulated around the sales department. Comments from the top are "very good!" and "well done" etc. I haven't heard any bad comments as yet but any of it probably will not be able to reach my ears anyway. I will publish the first two pages of it here. The rest of it has details for internal circulation so I better not show it. Everyone eagerly looking forward for subsequent issues but am i getting a higher pay for it? Nope. Kinda fed up with work issues lately but hope things turn for the better.

The green apples adorning my desk balcony. To date 9 of them and still in good shape. Whaaha. Anyone hungry?

Today after going to the cafe in the morning, I went home and discovered I left the keys inside. Damn blur of me despite the fact I slept at 1030pm yesterday. Yah, friday night some more.

Called Khang in the end and joined him for golf at NSRCC near Changi Airport. Went to the driving range to look for him.

"Wanna play?"

"Haven't played since Dad stopped golfing. 8-10years?"

But i still tried la, since I had nothing to do. Apparently after Khang refreshed my memory and gave some pointers, I just tried and voila! Balls flew far and high. *stunned* Only problem is the generally they are not straight and tend to steer to the right. Will fix it the next time I try golfing again. Hehz! I averaged 90-130meters! Asked Dad about it and he told me it was a very good result despite my first sorta try. *Playing as a kid doesn't really count! :D*

Mr Khang and his winning shot!


My Astrology Reading - Quite zun


Section 1: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

You are a natural diplomat, reasonable, tolerant, fair, always willing to listen to varying viewpoints, and ready to see the other side of an issue. Even if you strongly disagree with someone, you will try to find points of similarity and agreement rather than emphasizing the differences. You often avoid taking an extreme or one-sided stance on anything. You have a strong desire for harmonious and pleasant relationships, and express a spirit of cooperation, compromise, friendship, and fairness. You very much want to be liked and because of your need for approval and acceptance, you are easily influenced by others' opinions, especially when young. You so much want to please that often you will suppress your own intense or unpleasant feelings in order not to offend others. Sometimes your politeness is interpreted as phoniness or wishy-washiness.

Section 2: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

You are a steadfast and patient soul, capable of tremendous devotion, dedication, endurance, and constancy. The ability to follow through and stick with things is one of your greatest assets. Once your course is set, you pursue it tenaciously until it is completed, stubbornly resisting any attempts to sway you from your purpose.

Newsletter Pictures, PGI


I'm having a sales drought right now. WTF?! And they are rewarding this month's top contributor with watches? Such convenient timing! Must choot my pattern liao or else they think I'm a sick cat. But indeed I'm already sick. Sore throat and stuffed nose. Crap.

My stocks have arrived! 3-5 big boxes by DHL. Sighz, no time for anything but work, study, sleep, surfing, bath and shit. I hope I'll sell off the stuff soon or else some people will raise their eyes at me for sure. Aiya, I can do it!!!

Had a photography session today. Usually cameras would only mean that someone is leaving. Indeed someone is but the main reason for this session is to prepare the photos for the launch of one and only bhb CCBT/ARF Newsletter. I mean wtf? Create a newsletter and send to everyone's mailbox? Initially I thought the manager's doing the forwarding, now he ask me to do the forward. I see alot of green apples given out by HSBC's "Own it live it" health campaign flying towards my desk. -_-

We rock HSBC. Period.

The Poster Gals of CCBT

Raoul and Resident Restless

I write it out for you har.. You should psycho the customer this way.. Max out the credit limit.. Remember to tell him not to let his wife know or she'll explode!

Alright you guys, I have the biggest head ok?

Most importantly,

I passed my first financial/insurance paper PGI today at Suntec! This is the most knnb taico pass i have ever achieved. I only studied half of the book(and half is already alot already) but I still managed to pass. I'm over the farking moon over this one. I better don't play play with the next one on the 12th. Heard it's tough. I MUST DO IT!

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