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Busy life as a Self-Unemployed


Wah busy busy busy... Although nowadays can afford to wake up late and sleep late, the things I have to do are so much different. Today did my first research on a private property on a lead. Contacted the customer and me went house-viewing! My ever first. On the road to success? At least I had the first step taken.

Checked valuation with Les as well as one home loan agent from OCBC on the property. Meanwhile I'm still in midst of negotiations with him for a better deal on a property my family is purchasing. Basically he can get the sale if he can offer a deal that is better than OCBC. Dunno whether he can fight for better interest rates or not but either way I'll be entitled to my own agent referral fee but I oso want him to get the sale naturally. We can refer each other cases in time to come too. Both of us depend on referrals just as much.

Later on went for revision at King Albert Mac with my project mates. Wah.. Stuck at chapter 2 on Management Accounting with 8 more chapters to go before THE TEST on Friday. Stressed!! Projects aplenty with 3 on the horizon within the next 3 weeks to submit.. $#@$#@$. Frankly apart from being stressed, studying at 25 is really hard. When I was young, I sucked up everything that I read and listen during classes. It was only a matter of revision only. Nowadays, nothing seem to go in and I hardly comprehend what I'm reading nor listening. Am I old or wat? Fuck.

An hour ago, Raj called me and told me that he would like to pitch hardware and software solutions in his presentations for his network solutions and outsource the deals to me if any. I like the flexibility of being a property agent as it allows me to sideline - in this case, IT projects as well as my studies at nights. I'm still waiting for my first commission though. :X

Oh yah, went for pepper crabs at Still Road near Joo Chiat on Sat with daughter, han baos and my gf. Queued for 45 mins and when it was our turn, we requested to order 2 crabs. The auntie 'huh where got enough' at me and suggested 3. Lan lan ordered 3. Expecting each of us to incur at least $25 damage. The black pepper crabs were solid, yummy.. Bagus.... We ordered a kang kong side dish as well. When the bill came and I took a look at it... I was astonished. "$54" that's like less than $14 each!!! A plate of stingray at Bedok North 85 costs me $8-10 each time. We're talking crabs here! I decide to suggest this place for dinner for my next group outing with my class mates or friends. :)

My Ministry of Sound membership card is still lost in Singpost land. Where is it?! Anyway it's supposed to be temp card only, the official card will be out in April. Guess I just have to wait then. In the meanwhile, I just went there the other day for Hanny's birthday. It was wicked.. Lots of people and lots of drinks... And of coz lots of pukes from birthday boy. Hahaha.. My plan to drive home early to go for Sentosa the next day failed miserably as the guys didn't wanna let me go home. In the end went home at 4am. Kaoz.

Pretty long update. It's still early, guess I shall go read up on some notes. Till again.

New career beckons


It's been slightly over a week since I left the bank. Basically life has slowed down for me. More relaxed, less stress, basically the slacker's life! Wahaha.

To prepare myself for my new career in property, I have did a bit of research and read some books. Dad has been bombarding me with information intensely and I'm trying to absorb whatever I can. I've been to HDB Hub to witness a sale of a 5-room HDB flat and got to know some property agents in the process. Just registered at Propnex and burned a minor hole in my pocket. Sigh.... The courses all crash with my SIM schedule so in the end I intend to attend the property courses after my semester exams.

In the meanwhile, technically speaking I can do property though I lack the skillsets and knowledge. Haha. How ironic. Although there's a light at the end of the tunnel, I'm worried that I might run out of gasoline (read:$$) before that. Stressssss. Gotta run around checking out places every day now and when the time comes, it's time to advertise in the papers once I get some deals listed.

Lucky I managed to land myself 2 computer deals this week. Enough to cover myself for around half a month. :D

Anyway, gonna enjoy myself to the max this weekend. Anything else can wait. Hope to meet up with the 469ners at MOS as well as my dear colleagues on Sat and Sun. :)

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