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Guru of Sex


One of the shows I did overseas sometime back. I hope to hold a similar show at Esplanade soon!

Lost and found


I always wondered what would I do if I lose the car-key while I'm out. It came true. Apparently I was hit by the curse of the HSBC CCBT team. My friend had just lost her handphone a couple of days ago and she was so distressed by it. It was my turn on Saturday night.

Decided at the last minute to join a few friends for drinks. A rather uneventful night with just drinks and some small-talk. I was dogged out by table-tennis,swimming and sauna earlier in the day and wasn't really prepared to go out for drinks actually. But decided not to let Saturday go to waste. At 430am, I stepped out of the club. Later on I joked to my friend.

"So whose house tonight? Yours or mine?" *sniggers*
"You go back your home and I go back mine." *serious*

Jokes continued for a while and my friend debating for me to send her home. Then I felt for my key. Eh!! How come don't have? Kept going through my pockets. Jialuck!!! Not there!!!

Went back and looked around in the dark at my original seat. Not there. Went out to find my friends and I was seriously stoned about what to do. My mind was already going through the S.O.P for this kind of situation.

Take a cab home, call my younger brother for the spare key, take a cab back, drive home.

Wah this sucks big time.. Determined not to be beaten by the curse of CCBT, we decided to go back together to our table and look around. My friends started looking and I looked for the bouncer. A smart-looking indian/malay chap was standing near the bar. I went over and told him I lost my keys. He was like paying like half-attention to me and perhaps more on the babes dancing around then suddenly his eyes went big and "you lost your CAR keys?" Eh... Yup. He immediately radioed people and asking if they found anything and they replied negative. He told me to wait about 10-15 minutes more and I went back to sit at my place. Later on he came and used his torchlight and after a while he was like..

"hey what's ya name!"
"Errr... Rihao" *don't tell me u find me familiar or you know me from somewhere.. I'm pretty distressed and stoned as of now*
"How does your car key look like?"
"Black lor.."
"Like Mercedes carkey right"
"Er... I think so la.."*I don't own a Mercs so I don't know wat!!*
Then he showed me the key. Wah!!! My key!!!
"Don't tell me you have it all along ah?"
"No la.. I found it behind the curtain, how can I be sure it's yours and not someone else?"
*wah bloody hell still can joke with me*
"You follow me to my car lah then I open for you."
"Sure ah? You send me back after that?" "Ok where?" "Woodslands"
"Ok la!" *You just saved me over $30 in taxi fares and a whole lot of convenience!*
"No la joking! Just standard procedure for people claiming their lost and found."
"No problem next time I buy ya drink when I come back again! Bye!"

Hell of a night.. Had me worried to bits. But in the end, I survived the curse. Haha.

My friend was like.. "So unfair. I never found my handphone."

Juggling for success


Today I just placed another major order for Innuzen. Instead of a keyboard/mouse in-house designed-packaged product, I'm expanding the product range to include thumbdrives/card readers OEMed by others. When everything is ready and the ball has started to roll, I envision to order casings, motherboards, graphic cards, etc.

During dinner with my biz partner, Mom advised me to quit my current job and focus on this entrepreneurship. She repeated it a few times too!! I'm frustrated just as well. But when I do things, I don't leave things incomplete.

When I was jobless after I ORDed, Innuzen was stuck midway with the design proposals overseas. I had to get a job and make ends meet. Now after Citibank and at HSBC currently, the Innuzenic engine decide to to run and even fiercer than before with new product offerings and further horizons like Perth targeted.

I admit I'm greedy. I want the best of both worlds. Apart from a secure respectable job at HSBC, I want something of my own - Innuzen. In the meantime, I'm getting a diploma and hopefully a degree. HSBC offered to sponser financial papers and I'm studying for it too. I don't know what the fuck am I doing all of this for.. Whether for others or for myself. All I know is that it is good for my future endeavours and I just take on it one thing at a time.

As I mentioned, I don't leave things incomplete. It would be unwise to drop things at either end. Reputation and credibility, I work for. Scorn and distrust, I avoid.

I figure if I plan my schedule well, I might just be able to juggle everything perfectly. Might. We'll see in a few months!

Happiness or rather the lack of it


Sorry for the lack of posts for you loyal blogereaders and friends. I'm pretty involved in alot of things right now. So much that I can hardly sit and relax at home - that kind of feeling whereby your mind keeps grinding and grinding even when you're seated.

For example after I came home today after work, I'm immediately bombarded by mom with accounting fees amounting to $550 for Innuzen. Had a heated argument with her over the issue - they are considered decent investors but wily business foxes always like to take advantage of them in small details. This stupid accounting fees is one of them. Though it is a need, I was not informed of them. Anyway, don't wanna reveal details here. Gonna fucking screw whoever wanna take advantage of my family or me if I ever come to know about it again. Thereafter, Dad came swiftly after to chase me for his 'marketing' printouts for the cafe. ZzzZzZzZ.

Life these days seem to thrive on disasters and scandals. London bombings, charitable organisations, Huang Na Murder, etc. Are we humans so pathetic and deprived of happiness these days? Or is it just Singapore? Or is it just me? Are carefree days a thing of the past? Are we able to drop everything we have at the moment and run off into the horizon with our loved ones with no worries in tow?

Why CEOs like Dubai/Cheebai earn $600,000 while others earn $600? Yes, you've heard this word unfair so many times. It really IS!! But I'll rather be the one envied by others than envy others. Sooner or later I believe I can figure out how to leverage on things I have to get an unfair advantage over others. I can. I must. I will. Then I can say to those snobs, "Who's the biatchh now!"

At work, I'm surrounded by complains, office politics and sales targets. I'm pretty much a Switzerland when it comes to such things but I will retaliate when I'm stepped upon - which happened a few times. Why should I care about others when they didn't take note of my feelings or situation?

Maybe we should indulge on enjoyment, spending money, clubbing, babe-watching, illegal racing, daydreaming, forget about watching our diet and drink ourselves silly. In that way, I'll look forward to every new day with zest and vigour. Perhaps we should all think of the good things that makes us happy?

Enjoyable Things In Life

  • My Razr this is sleek and none can fight it in terms of pricing, seemingly unscratchable metallic or is it titanium casing and the 262k TFT screen. :)
  • My 19" inch LCD at home can handle up to 10 gals on MSN simultaneously, less if they have webcams as video needs more space
  • Colleagues at work but always try to take advantage of me :X
  • MidiLand 5.1 Dolby Digital Speakers Rock the house down baby ; only when grandma's out
  • Babe-Watch at SIM but main motive is to study alright?!
  • Clubbing To see and be seen. To dance to the rythmn. To puke when I geh-kiang drink too much.
  • Driving it's not the wheels - it is who's behind it!
  • Friends whom i meet up with now and then. I may not be always around you guys but i'll always make the best out of it.
  • Skating to show off my skills or rather the lack of it.. they say it keeps us fit but i don't see the results leh.
  • Suntanning but Sundays are particularly cloudy this month.. Call it CloudDay la..
  • BitTorrent My staple diet of movies, drama and music comes from this program. Call me cheapo and stealing but I dun make millions. You'll probably ask me to burn you that movie or drama too.
  • Coke Cluck! Pssttttt... Slurp... AhhHhhhhhHhhhhh.. Blurp.

Editor-In-Chief of HSBC / CCBT S.O.C Issue Vol.1

Memoirs of my first fire - Part 2


Continued from previous post...

I immediately jumped off the pumper and headed straight for the equipment cabinet at the back. The sense of urgency was strong with all the bystanders looking at me but I had to keep my cool. I grabbed all the equipment that was needed and turned around. Everyone was already in the building. "Damn.." I looked and saw hoses being laid out so natural instinct told me to follow it into the building.

The building was no glasshouse. The electricity was out and it was dark. The sunlight was barely reaching in so I had to keep following the hoses and climbed up the stairs. I could hear voices and it was smoking bad so I wore my mask and switch on my oxygen tank. When u breath from the tank, you feel like Darth Vader cos that's exactly the sound u make. I could hear a high sissing sound and i realised that the mask was leaking air. Shit. But damn just keep proceeding.

Moving low below the smoke, I saw my other firemen. They finished laying out the lines so me being the nozzleman, took over and connected my nozzle to the hose. "WATER ON!!!!!" I shouted and the message passed on till it was heard outside and the water came in.

The room on fire was totally smoking. There was nothing to be seen beyond the door as it was all smoke. I just moved forward with the guidance of my senior and sprayed in. I could have done it with my eyes closed because basically i see shit. As i watered in a radar manner, the only exposed part of my neck near my ears felt extremely hot. I turned left, the heat from the right came. I turn right, the left came. I finally appreciated my fire jacket - although it feels like an oven inside and sweats u like hell, it is fire-proof and protects you from the heat.

The sissing from my mask slowly emptied and I checked my oxygen level. Ending soon. Had to move out. Another fireman arrived and I signalled to take over. I went out to take a breather and saw the smoke has turned to white colour meaning the fire has been put out. After the action was over, we observed the fire scene. Everything has melted and the roof even collapsed! The windows were cracked out and everything was a mess of melted goo and whatever was left of it. Stayed till investigations was over and went back to the station.

I went up to my dormitory and started on my packet of chicken rice. Barely through the food, the alarm went off and activated us again. Groaned I did, smiled and jumped off the sliding pole 3 storeys down to my fire pumper to head to another one of the countless fire and rescue incidents in my course of duty. :)

Close up on a Honda Accord, trashed. Blood from brain on the floor.

Crashed into a SBS bus at high speed round a corner. Saved two, one died on the spot.

A beautiful view you'll say. A wretched situtation to fight fire. No nearly hydrants, armed with only canvas beaters and boots to put out the fire.

Taking a break.. "Mum! I'm at a fire! Damn big! Come take pictures of me in my stylo milo outfit!"

I'll rather take this than the shuttle bus+mrt I take to work everyday.

Memoirs of my first fire - Part 1


After I graduated from Civil Defence Academy in 2003, I was posted to Changi Fire Station. That morning I was excited t0 be finally considered a fireman. Yet still I was very much a greenhorn. My uniform was a crisp one, compared to the senior peers with their crumbled seasoned material. Early in the morning, I was assigned the duty to be on the Duty Officer pumper. Basically the first big ass fire engine that arrives at a fire. Cool!

In the midst of my morning drill (damn, i probably forgot some of the steps already), the station siren went off. People started running around heading towards their equipment and I was flabbergasted. I couldn't hear what the voicecom speaker was saying. I asked someone and he said Duty Officer activated. Shit!! Immediately grabbed my equipment and fire jacket, run towards my pumper. We rushed out of the station within one minute stipulated time and pee por pee por towards somewhere.

"Where we heading?" I asked. I was informed that one of the buildings in Changi Prison was on fire but it could be a false alarm. "Better be safe than sorry, you do 'this' you do 'that' you in charge of the water, LIM! you be hoseman!" "Roger"

While I was enjoying the scenery and the wind that rushed in the cabin as the fire-engine turned and horned at every car in front to give way, someone shouted "This is big.. You guys start preparing now." I turned round and saw a thick waft of smoking rising out in the horizon. Holy shit, my first day on the job and I get this. Who cares, haven't heard of anyone on their first duty getting a big fire and killed in action yet. Not so swey la. Started wearing my mask, helmet, jacket and finally my oxygen tank. All this had to be done in the fire engine with 5 other people, not a simple feat.

We reached the prison and turned into a lane. Lines of high ranking police officers lined acrossed the road, scrutinising our fire-engine as we drove in. One of my best section commander I got to know later in my course of duty said, "So many big crabs around, you guys better DO a GOOD JOB and FLY towards the fire! Don't forget what you're assigned and which equipment to bring!"

We finally saw the building on fire and man it was totally smoking on the 3rd floor. We came to a halt. "GO GO GO!"

To be continued...

My early prototype model

Fruits of my labour. The Innuzenic Experience will soon be felt in computer stores around Singapore!

Excited excited excited! Coming soon to a computer store near you.

Shot down over friendly territory


I have my ways and I know how things wiggle. How things look are simply how people twist their words. I know who is on my side and who isn't AND who act like they are on my side - I simply act dumb and unoblivous but in the back of my mind it's the feeling I know it.

Here I am, trying to build up good relations and people are destroying it amongst themselves, making everything so tensed up. Even I am involved too? Great. This time I'm hit but I'm still standing. Just another set of situational data for me analysis, maybe will come out with a hypothesis when I wake up tomorrow.

Club Momo'ed with one of my computer bizness associate on the launch of Ladies Night last Wed before my colleagues came along later in the night. Quite a happening place. Free flow also. Great! When my colleagues came, my associate was awe-stuck. "These are the people you work with? You must be one lucky man!" Yah right, you haven't seen what they do to me in the office. Hahaha. But i'm slowly standing my ground and sending missles, arrows over to them. You KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

So many things to do this week. The computer products are being manufactured (finally), the cafe's computer got virus'd, SIM and the shitty 3 hour lectures AFTER WORK.. rushing down to another company during lunch break to service their computer network... I'm dying soon.. And I have to work this Saturday! CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.

Overall, mood of this week sucked. Nvm, I'll just focus on resting over the weekend and catch up on sleep, War of the Worlds and of course the SUN. Another new happening coming up on Monday. :)

Kuku Pictures


Me and Kuku Les at SIM on first day of our 2nd Semester. Unbelievable boring lectures again once more.

Coming soon: Feel 100% 4 - Hao Er Xin (Gladys: LOL! Combined team effort of Cynthia, Ashlyn and Raoul)

Les trying to hide the fact that he has a round face now and Diana's pearlie whites.

What kind of girl?


Are my expectations too high? Do I know what I want in a relationship? Am I able to accept the flaws that are inevitable in someone? Am I even comfortable in proceeding beyond the friendship level of the opposite sex? Am I ready for one right now? Am I even sure whom I want to be with right now?

Bachelorhood seems good. You get to do whatever you want, talk freely to anyone you want, go out with anyone you want. When I was at Club Momo last Sat, the only other thing my friend could dance with apart from his gf was wiggling his butt against the subwoofer. He could never be separated from the girl. That was one hell of a funny sight. Envy? Maybe, maybe not.

Still waiting for someone to spend a romantic night with though. Someone who can be into me as I am into her. Someone who gives me a special feeling. Someone who makes me care about her more than myself. Someone who can make me shower gifts on her coz it makes me happy. Someone who can make me wanna do the wooing thing.

1. Intelligent
2. Beauty
3. Gentle
4. Caring
5. Hardworking
6. Good background
7. Into me
8. Into me
9. Into me
10. Into me.

I guess that's what i want in a gal for now. :)

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