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Back to back affairs

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School starts!

So far school has been a boring affair. I managed to attend 2. I missed today's lesson because I was packed back to back with work. Literally! I hate myself for letting work interfer with my studies. In fact it started to already in the first week of school. If this goes on, my grades is going to suffer in the long term. I tried to hard to get improved grades last semester. Although nothing fanciful, at least my effort paid off. I firmly believe in the phrase "you reap what you sow".

Apart from my usual property matters, I am handling con-currently a company IT deal as well. Oh man I feel so damn tired. I would have skipped the company IT deal if I had the chance. But since I was serving them since NS times, I can't stop now. Anyway, it's extra income for me. I just hope I don't screw the server up as it has been giving a bit of problems here and there. The company's data is so important. I'm recommending a emergency power backup unit + backup solutions for them. I hope they don't complain and give it a miss. Coz once the server konked out and i was forced to go down within hours. What if I was elsewhere? What if I was overseas? What if I was not free? Their operations just stopped there. No one was able to work as all their data was on the server. No Internet. No emails. It was nerve wreacking for me. What if I couldn't repair it on time? I realised that their company server was mission critical. I must make sure it's 100% up.

Anyway this month is been a fulfilling month for me! I closed a commercial shophouse deal within 1 week! I'm jubilent over this deal because 1) It's my first sale, the rest were rentals 2) I asked for above market commission, which the owner gave! :)

I should hopefully be closing an eating house deal next Monday. I hope the tenant won't run away..... I spent alot of time on brokering the deal. If it goes... Sigh. I'll hate myself for it. I lost an office deal today as well. I guess you'll never close the deal all the time. I just have to learn handle the disappointment when things don't go 100% your way.

Hopefully I'll be able to close the 2nd deal next week and I'll be another step closer to buying my favourite car. I'm literally staring at the car pictures day after day. It's what keeps me moving.

BMW 320i - Nice butt! But I believe the experience of driving it is just a simply press and go kind of feel. Not worth paying the premium for the brand though.

My long time affair with Mitsubitshi Evolution. Now in it's 9th incarnation, I wonder which series it'll be by the time I got $$$ to buy one.

The Toyota Mark-X. Parallel imported only. Looks good. The boot looks like a BMW. And the price is the cheapest of the lot. And you get quality without paying a premium. I think this car suits me best actually.

I guess I shall just go to sleep now and stop daydreaming.

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