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Transactional Job Resignation Complete


The day finally came. As I walked into the bank and sat down in front of my desk, my heart seems to get heavier and heavier. People seems to be aware that I'm leaving already, can see them eyeing me each time I walked out of the office.

Last day already, should probably say good bye. Typed out a simple Lnote to them before I went for a break downstairs. Jac said my Lnote seems so sad. Was it? It seemed quite neutral I felt.

I seemed to have so much unfinished business. Couriers and letters flying in here and then. Hmmm. Lucky my darling helped me with some of the applications of which incentives otherwise I would not be entitled to after they are processed after I'm gone.

I went over to say farewell to one of my friend from the opposite department. I keep choking on my words. Hmmm. How to say goodbye in person to my own team? Decide to keep a low profile and wait for the time to go. Chose a wrong date to leave also as I have my paper at SIM later on but there was a meeting that they say I'm supposed to go. I guess at least goodbyes have to be said.

As I reached there, I realised that they bought a cake. After some words from the manager, I'm supposed to say some words. I tried but in the end, I guess my teary eyes did the talking.

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Missing you guys but I'll always be around for some of you. You will know who u are. :)

Missing so many things


It is once again another entry into my blog on the eve of my last day at Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation. Mixed feelings as it's been one year since I first started into banking culture and it has been one of good and bad experiences as well.

As usual the timing seem to fit nicely with my schedule with SIM test and examinations coming. The last time I left Citibank oso when my exams came and I had amble time to prepare. This time I'm gonna put in lots of effort for my semester as I didn't do well for the last. I did badly for sales as well as my papers during last year. I thought I was able to balance both nicely but alas, I'm always out of energy by the end of the day at the bank. Who said desk-bound sales was easy?!

Tomorrow will be the day to say goodbye to people whom I've worked together for quite sometime. I haven't informed some of them yet. Never really have much time to interact in office anyway. :/

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Received this 1:18 model gift of my favourite rally car from her as a Valentine's Gift. Initially I groaned because I thought she would have brought me the real mcCoy with COE prices dropping and Singapore Budget $$$ gift to Singaporeans. Decided to accept the model since it's Valentine's and she was sweet! I'll buy the real car after I collect my winnings from Singapore Pools on 1st of March when the Singapore Big Sweep comes out! :D

On Sunday, I went to the Asian Aerospace 2006 with her. It was a trip to Singapore Expo Mrt followed by a shuttle bus which cost $2 each to send us to the exhibition. The last time I went was at least 7-10 years ago! Since it's the last year Singapore will be hosting this show, decide to go there lor! $21 each sia.. Vomit blood.. But took lots of pictures.. The souvenirs are all high quality paper bags. Knn.. I think all the pins were taken up on Saturday. Below are some of the pics.

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Apache Longbow. One of the most fearsome helicopters in warfare.

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Airbus A380. Singapore Airlines got the first shipment of this mega passenger plane spanning 3 stories! Everyone stood up and cheered when they saw it! It was really damn huge.

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My favourite F-16!

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F-18 Hornet! Belongs to USS Kitty Hawk because I saw its sign on the fuselage.

I'm so gonna miss so many things right now!


Lift Services, The Villa Bali


Finally got a chance to stay at home on Sunday. Today at Bayshore the fire alarms keep going off.. As a result the lift services all stopped. My parents had to walk from level 13 all the way to ground floor. Later on my elder brother asked me to help out two of his stewardess friends to carry their flight luggage down due to this reason. But the problem is.. They are situated on a separate block and they live at level 29!!! Wah lan!! I walked 13 floors down and upon reaching the ground floor....

"Lift services resumed" Argh... Naturally my services was not needed anymore. :P

Went to meet the guys for coffee last night, involving the biatches of 469.. :D We went California Starbucks and catch up with each other. Wah. News of change of my relationship status travels fast. All congratulating me and commenting that I got a particular taste in girls. Had me tickled when one after another made the same comment oblivious of the other's similar comment too. Maybe it's true.

We went to this Bali-styled chill out bar "The Villa Bali" www.littlebali.com at Alexandra Road.

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Initially we were told it was full house but got friends inside so we went in. The manager told us this place is usually pack all week, only Tuesday and Wednesday half-full. I was thinking what makes the place so good? After I went in, I discovered it was damn big and cooling.. Beats Altivo anytime. 22,000 feet of it. Woaah... Got little huts all over the place, island bar, restaurant styled chill out corners, etc.Prices were reasonable. I decide to go there again soon. We had red wine, assortment of cocktails, baby squid, fries, wedges and beef balls(which I didn't get to eat!).. And of coz, usual jokes and crap from everyone especially Kev. It was a good night out from my usual stressed up life.

Dipping sales....


Oh man.. My sales are slipping into oblivion!! No matter how hard recently I try, I can't get sales in! Shucks! :(

Now in the office when most of my colleagues has gone home, I have to do OT. Sian sian sian. I'll be leaving the organisation soon, to embark on a new career path. Uncertainties lies ahead for me! I hope this year would be one that defines what I wish to attain in my life..

Time to leave the office soon, still have to go home do computer delivery. At least got addition source of income. :D

Stupid Wendy still can crack jokes in front of me!!! At least here not so boring. I need a toilet break.. Argh. Gonna run liao..

Change change change


It's been a long while. Yes. Some of you must be complaining that I have neglected my blog! Well, school has restarted and at the end of three 3 days a week reaching home past 11pm, blogging is not exactly the thing that you would like to do first.. And yes, some of you might have known that I have lost my membership at the singles club.... :P Nevertheless, life still goes on. Just that some priorities have shifted and responsibilities added on that's all. :) You guys wun be able to find out more from here - I decide to keep my private life with her, well.. private. :D

I have just started my new semester at SIM HQ, initially I thought it was at the SIM Uni campus but to my despair, we are having our classes at some ulu buildings of Ngee Ann Poly. I pay higher school fees to study in a classroom which is so retro and lacking in some facilities which we have grown accustomed to in SIM Namly. Damn it. Someone should do something about it! On the good side, the smaller class means students will be more attentive to the lecturer. I haven't kicked the habit of sitting at the rear of the class. Good side is I pay attention in class and almost never lose my attention or fall asleep - it still happens la! Hurz.

Careerwise, it's going downhill. Lack of motivation and unbalanced odds for some of us really make some of us fume. I'm already considering a career switch already and it's a matter of time now since my contract will lapse in April. I think I delayed so long is due to all of my collegues whom I have grown to love and dote on. But some catalysts have already taken effect and sooner or later the unevitable will come. :/

Tonight shall be going Ministry of Sound as Nick and Les asked me to go. Haven't hang out with them for quite a while so I shall probably go and mingle with them and other friends tonight.. Wanna accompany my little pig but since she's with her friends now and I've gotta meet my friends later, better for us to meet up on Sunday instead.. :)

Things to do..
Insurance paper M5
Revision for past 3 chapters for 3 modules.
Repair of THREE computers and a change of house for my computer components. (Yay!!)
Pay my traffic fine which didn't get waived in the end :/
Pay Starhub over $130 this month. An increase of 3 times my usual bill. Ouch.
Claim M5 payment for me and her from 'Daughter'
Print letter

Why so many things to do huh!?!?

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