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2 Papers Completed, One To Go!

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This is such a tiresome week for me. Just completed my 2nd paper of my 4th semester at SIM today. It's a paper based on IT. Thought that since I learned this in TP, should be not so difficult. However, upon seeing the question paper I almost choked. Really stupid questions that they ask man.

"Name 3 different coding scheme used in a computer. Identify and contrast the difference between them. Based on it, explain which coding is better for Chinese characters" *the question something like that la.

Well, the 3 are ASCII, EBCDIC and UNICODE. *surprised that I can remember this kind of stuff*

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My point is, who the hell doing a business course needs to know this kind of stuffs? Lucky I browse the notes and happened to mentally note the information. Well, there were some crazy questions in there too.. and I'm mortified at the level of difficulty of this paper. If me, an experienced guy in IT finds it tough, imagine the rest of my classmates who are all older than me (some are even parents long time liao) ... Some left after 30mins into the paper. They gonna aim for the supp paper instead.

Anyway, one last paper to go. Business Finance. This is the toughest. Die lah. One day tomorrow to study before the paper on Friday.

On a good note, lucky me made another sale - Lady Luck smiling on me.

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Took less than 3 weeks to close this sale of a 2+1 condo at Costa Rhu. Apparantly the Tanjong Rhu stretch is currently extremely active due to the proposed IR in 2009. Most funny part is that I already start to ease off marketing activities due to my pending examinations to study when another agent called me.

"Kenneth ah. My customer called wanna arrange viewing again. I think he might make an offer"
Another viewing later and the offer was made and finalised within 2 days. At least I don't have to worry that unit for now. Ironically my first impression of the family was that they probably won't want to even consider making an offer. I guess sometimes you can't just assume everything.

My next job is to market 3-4 units of apartments at The Icon @ Tanjong Pagar. This one is a new territory for me as the development is still in progress and will be only ready for occupation in 2007 July. This is what we call a Sub-Sales whereby the ownership of the apartment change hands before the place has been built. Recently The Sail@Marina Bay has garnered attention whereby investments made a killing over there and pushed record prices to a new high. I'm hoping the high prices over there is going to divert some investors over at The Icon. We'll see after I complete my exams this week.

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Meanwhile I'm just gonna hang out with my classmates after the exams and take a long deserved rest and hopefully go get a tan this weekend!

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