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Examinations and work


I went ahead with a massive advertisement on Thursday if I'm not mistaken, placing 3 ads in the Classifieds. I advertised for AMK Central, Chinatown coffeeshop and Harvey Ave. The night before, I was so nervous that I woke up at 4am and couldn't get to sleep till 6am.

I wondered what would happened if no one called? Questions I didn't know? It was expensive to advertise just like that when I was competing with other agents out there advertising the same property - I had no exclusive agreement.

However, all my fears dissolved when calls started pouring in the morning. A family hastily wanted to view my property for rental at Harvey Ave. But they didn't get to view the inside as owner was not in Singapore. Hours later, he called and ask me to go down. I immmediately went and met up with him to view the house. I called the family to come down and view. In the middle of viewing, another family called and wanted to come down immediately. I arranged again and everything was completed by 9pm. A heave of relief as I went on my own with no experience whatsoever. I gave myself 7 out of 10 and I'm determined to close this deal. I'll know the results in 3 weeks. :)

I also ventured into unknown waters when I called regarding a cafe/pub at Merchant Square. I went with my dad to observe the area and the place. We were measuring the area of the place when out of a blue a lady looked at me and mention my name. She was the one I spoke to in the afternoon and she was wondering how come got two persons looking and measuring the place - she figured should be me. We had a discussion and I think we had some progress. I want to give my best for this project too as if it's done well, there may be potential that I can handle their office leasing.

Literally running around day and night, I'm worried about my SIM exams for next week. I hadn't got time to study so I guess I'll do some intensive revision tonight. Should catch up on some rest again.

I'm beginning to have some anxiety panic. When will I successfully close my first deal? Would I flunk my examinations next week? People around me have been supportive towards everything but somehow I just can't settle down without some results. I MUST DO IT!

Words of console


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My first photo advert in the Classifieds today. I'm glad it turned out alright. However my glorious moment was overshadowed by tons of veterans with multiple picture and listings plastered all over the pages. :/ Well, there's always a first time. For now, I'm still Mr. Rookie.

Darlene, a friend of mine who's now intending to stay put in Aussie after her stay chatted me up just now. She said I was very brave to switch to this line as it's a tough industry. I told her I was probably reckless that was why I did it since I had to prepare to forgo any income for at least 3 months. The reply I got was "you the super motivated kind mah.. I'm sure you can do it" Upon hearing that I was kinda touched.

I mean, who nowdays will actually chat with you intending to talk to you about your own stuff? From Aussie as well since she's now studying there. Really appreciate that conversation I had wif her.. Since I'm now kinda stressed out over work and my exams will be due in less than 2 weeks, I felt relieved after that talk.

Soon I will be bringing my little pig out for a skating session. She can't skate so I'm teaching her.. Hope she don't get any injuries or else I'll probably not have any good days after that! After that is rest and relax followed by Sentinel later in the night with Team 469ners. Tomorrow will bring my friend cum customer to look for her dream home in Tiong Bahru/Redhill. I hope I can help her find her dream home soon.

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Talking about skates, my Solomon FSK skates literally gathering dust on the shoe rack. *sighz in disbelief*

Property Matters


Apologise for the lack of updates. Recently trying to pick up all the ways of the trade of a property broker. Needless to say, the going has been tough uphill. I'm quite optimistic that I can be alright in this industry although most of the agents there are like 30 to 50 years old.

I finally get the namecards which I've ordered like.. 3 weeks later? The guy delayed me until I got quite worried that I might never get it. Nevertheless I did and it was up to my expectations. Now left the finding the sellers part. This is extremely tricky and tough. Tons of agents are already probably serving your home right now, dumping flyers into your mailbox. I feel that visiting customers is probably the most efficient method but however it's rather hard to cover a large area. I decide to focus on the East area for residential and try out commercial properties in the town area as these are the areas I'm familiar with.

Currently what I have on listings so far. :)

Icon 2+1 rooms @ $600,000
3 Storey Inter-Terrace Westwood Ave @ $700,000
3 Storey Inter-Terrace Jln Angin Laut @ $1.15 million (Sellers are.. haha. Nvm)
Retail outlet at Far East Plaza @ Rental ($13psf)
Retail outlet at Lucky Plaza @ Rental $15,000 (So ex!)

I have people looking for rental units at Simei and Yio Chu Kang.

Damn kuku, what I have on hand, no buyers yet. Yet buyers are looking at places which I don't have. Tough luck!

In today's Classifieds (Sat) in D22 - House For Sale, I finally placed a photo picture. Cost me extra $20. Ouch. Hope I get some response soon.

Hope I have good news to blog next time.

Kenneth Lim (",)

End of Saturday Project Meetings...


Finally presentations and projects at SIM has been settled. It's been a good 2-3 months of Saturday meetups to complete my team projects. Somehow Saturdays don't feel the same anymore, kinda idle nowadays. Hurz.

A little bit on my property career path... En bloc sales seem to be the hots these days. On hand got one lobang of owners wanting to launch a collective sales on their semi-detached houses. Me and Dad are now following up tightly on this issue. Imagine a rookie being part of a successful en-bloc project! My only fear is that with no fixed office hours, the slacker in me starts to take over. I hate it when I slack. But I still do. Fugged.

Right now my little nephew Ryan is crying now. He seems to be getting brighter and bigger each day! Immersely cute, he distracts my parents attention all the time. Which is GOOD of coz so they can't bother me. Haha. Lucky fella, has every stage of his growing up scrutinised and digitally stored on pictures and video clips. I'm not sure whether naked baby pics of yourself is considered good or not though. Hurz.

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