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National Day, Newsletter and Golf

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National Day has came and passed. Watched live fireworks at Marina Square on the eve of the occasion 5 mins right after I walked out of the cinema theatre. Damn lucky. Watched Wedding Crashers. Quite a hilarious show man, I was laughing my ass off on my seat as I watched this one. Haven't watch any decent shows in a while, where have all the blockbusters gone? Increase the ticket prices but the standard is still not here nor there.

The newsletter had just got published and circulated around the sales department. Comments from the top are "very good!" and "well done" etc. I haven't heard any bad comments as yet but any of it probably will not be able to reach my ears anyway. I will publish the first two pages of it here. The rest of it has details for internal circulation so I better not show it. Everyone eagerly looking forward for subsequent issues but am i getting a higher pay for it? Nope. Kinda fed up with work issues lately but hope things turn for the better.

The green apples adorning my desk balcony. To date 9 of them and still in good shape. Whaaha. Anyone hungry?

Today after going to the cafe in the morning, I went home and discovered I left the keys inside. Damn blur of me despite the fact I slept at 1030pm yesterday. Yah, friday night some more.

Called Khang in the end and joined him for golf at NSRCC near Changi Airport. Went to the driving range to look for him.

"Wanna play?"

"Haven't played since Dad stopped golfing. 8-10years?"

But i still tried la, since I had nothing to do. Apparently after Khang refreshed my memory and gave some pointers, I just tried and voila! Balls flew far and high. *stunned* Only problem is the generally they are not straight and tend to steer to the right. Will fix it the next time I try golfing again. Hehz! I averaged 90-130meters! Asked Dad about it and he told me it was a very good result despite my first sorta try. *Playing as a kid doesn't really count! :D*

Mr Khang and his winning shot!


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