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Old Folks Home

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After work on Saturday, me and my colleagues all visited the Lion's Home at Toa Payoh. It's a nursing home for the old and destitude. It was organised by HSBC and we all HAD to volunteer but anyway, it has been a while since I did something for charity.

Lions Home

Upon reaching the home, we were shown a presentation about the home and residents and the representative of the home briefed us on the Dos and Don't when interacting with the residents eg. asking them where they come from, why are they there -> definately no nos.

There were 3 songs that they wanted to sing to the old folks. Personally I don't know why would they suggest to sing to them. Plus the choice of songs were pretty ugh but as appointed media coverage photographer of the event for my newsletter, I didn't have to sing so WHAHAHAHAH!

The HSBC Choir Team practising

The audience...

Actual Performance - Bravo!!

After that was followed by some interactions with the resident session. It was quite a bit daunting for most of us to interact with them but we just did our best and try to make them comfortable. They were generally quite friendly but some were quite awkward towards meeting us.

The residents were served food sponsered by us. The food sure looked delicious with sushi, kways and tarts. Initially we were apprehensive about serving them the stuff as most of them seemed to be toothless. However to our surprise, all of them finished their food and some asked for second serving!!!! I don't think they get food of this calibre at the home which is rather saddening.

After that, we had to say goodbye to the residents. It had been a enriching experience for all of us and we hope that the folks at the home will be happy about our visit. All of us have been all occupied about work, relationships and financial problems that we have neglected charity but I'm quite glad that this event has given us the opportunity to do something for once. Beats donating $$$ and wondering if it goes to them, gold fittings or first class air seats.

What do you do when you have a camera and gals sitting in your passenger seat?

It's in their genetic nature. :/

Anyway, you have been treated to an early preview portion of my HSBC newsletter issue 2. Blog readers get privileges. *grinz*

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